Well my new novel has a name!

As I have spoken in the past couple of posts, I finished my new Contemporary Christian Romance novella. I have been struggling for a month or so about a name for my book. Well, finally after several attempts, it is done. The name is

“With All My Heart…”. I can say that I put a lot of my own faith in this book.

The book hopefully will inspire others to search out their faith and renew it. I have prayed over this novella several times. It is scary when you go to a new side of the genre you write in, but I feel like I have been led to write this

Christian series. I just hope it is helpful to someone out there that may not have anyone to help.

Maybe just the act of picking up a book will help inspire them to get out of their shell. But isn’t that what all authors want to accomplish when we put pen to paper. We want to inspire people to do something. Maybe it is to inspire a single mom to step out of her comfort zone and do something for herself, or maybe a widow/widower to open their heart to love again, even help someone who has had a tragedy in their life to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know, maybe that was a little deep for Tuesday morning, but that is how I feel when I write. I want to be able to ignite a little romance in everyone. Romance helps keep your marriage new and exciting, it helps any relationship to stay healthy. When you lose the romance, it is sad.

My readers will be surprised when they read this new book. My books always have a cowboy and horses, but this one really steps away from my normal work. I am a country girl, what can I say. There is something about a cowboy that just inspires romance in my mind. Maybe you don’t get into cowboys, but at least be open to the romance.

So, if you follow my books, check out my new book. It will be available this week. I will update you on the way to find it later when the info is available.

To all my followers, have a wonderful Tuesday and try a little romance today! Step out with your Faith and just go for it.

Until the next time, Good Blogging my friends!


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