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Revisit of old post – Something as simple as watering flowers!









This was a post from last August that brought about a lot of discussion. I recently sent it to another blog for a blast from the past and it stirred a need to repost.

Have you ever thought about the comparison of watering flowers and life? If you don’t water the flowers, they will die

without any rain. Life is that way. We have to constantly add something in our life to entertain ourselves. We have to have food and water to live.

Just as our writing, if you don’t keep watering your audience, eventually, unless you grow really famous, your audience goes down and you die. You have to water by blogging daily, adding yourself to every site imaginable, and tweeting til your fingers ache.

I was watering the above flowers last night and thought about that. Even with my faith which I take very seriously, I have to keep read up and prayed up. If you don’t stay focused you lose some momentum.

As I tell my son all the time regarding his dogs, if you don’t feed them they will starve to death. He always comes back with they will find something to eat mom! (Kids you gotta love um!).

Author: stephaniehurt

Stephanie Hurt lives in Georgia with her husband Tommy and their son Hunter, along with two dogs, Daisy and Jake. When Stephanie is not lost in one of the worlds that she creates, she's an accountant and children's minister. She has been writing the stories that fill her mind since she was a teenager. The moment a story comes into her mind, she's mesmerized and soon she's diving into the story with a cup of hot green tea and a notebook. Before long, the story has bones and is ready for the laptop. She happily types away in the early morning and at night. You can always find her with a notebook full of stories that have yet to come to life. Follow her journey in each of her over 40 published works! Stephanie Payne Hurt loves to hear from fans and hopes that she's helped them go to another world for at least a while! Connect with Author: Twitter: Email: Website: Facebook: Sign up for my newsletter at to keep up with upcoming events and new releases.

10 thoughts on “Revisit of old post – Something as simple as watering flowers!

  1. Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Hurt I quite agree with your viewpoint. It’s rational. Fans love been updated on a daily basis. They love been introduced to new things. Be the first to tell them about a development, and their respect for you will increase.

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  5. Great reminder! So true – everything requires upkeep. I just need to look at the weeds in my yard – needs constant attention or all the wrong stuff grows! Visiting from Atlanta Mom of Three!!

  6. I know *I* feel that way about the blogs I read – I want more as often as they can post! ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, it’s true that many things in life, including our relationships require daily watering.
    Great post.

  7. What a lovely comparison. Everything that we value in our lives … people, pets, plants … even stuff … needs some kind of “watering”. Thank you for that! By the way, found you via “Blast from the past”. ๐Ÿ™‚

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