Top 10 ways to get through Monday.

It’s Monday! Yes, I know, don’t remind you, but the fact is it’s the start of the week. Well as I sit here, the house quiet, my son at school, my husband hunting (He has the week off), I ponder how to get through Mondays. It’s a question I ask every Monday when my alarm goes off. I hate my alarm, I want to slap it.

Well, here goes my top ten ways to get through Monday, hope these help:

1. Coffee, lots and lots of strong coffee. Already had 2 cups, headed for number 3.

2. Going back to bed, I know most of us can’t do that, but wouldn’t it be nice. Have looked at the bed longingly several times.

3. Take a deep breath and just jump into it.

4. Hot shower, stand there until water gets cold.

5. Take a walk in the crisp Fall air. Went to end of driveway and came back shivering.

6. Chocolate, lots of chocolate.

7. Smile, there’s only 5 days until the weekend. You are closer than your were 5 minutes ago. Not close enough.

8. Stop by the local doughnut shop and splurge big time. The sugar high only lasts for a little while, but boy while it’s active you enjoy those moments.

9. Me, I pray for the week ahead. That always makes me feel better.

10. Just accept the fact that it’s Monday and it happens every seven days whether you like it or not, so just go with it and smile.


Maybe these 10 points will help you. Remember, the day goes better when you smile and try to make it better.

As always, good writing and may God bless you on this Monday. ♥

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