Reviews can be fickle things. Some people pay big bucks to get reviews added to their books. Well there’s nothing wrong with that if they’re honest reviews. I’ve seen books that have several raving reviews but their sales ranking in terrible. Makes you think, was it worth the money?

I’ve searched out sites where you just send out your book to a reviewer and that’s all it costs is the book. Do you have some sites that you use? Right now I’m not in the position to really pay for reviews, but it would be nice if some of the people that have read my books would give a review. 

I’ve been receiving several reviews on the Barnes & Noble site and Kobo, but not many on Amazon. Some advice on how to get more on Amazon would be great. I’ve gone in and changed my categories on Amazon to those that don’t have thousands of books already listed. 

Are reviews that important? I think they are important to most readers. If you don’t have reviews on a book, then most people just scan right over it. I’ve noticed that some people now just give you a star rating and no comment. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but as for me, I love to hear what you liked or didn’t like. Just always be nice.

One of my books on Barnes & Noble has received several reviews. What’s funny is someone posted a nasty review and it was followed almost immediately by three really sweet reviews. Of course this reviewer has popped up on several of my books and it’s always the same. Unfortunately for that reviewer their review is not real credible as the review did not follow the book. It’s sad that some people get their kicks from downgrading us authors. Oh, well if you can live with yourself that’s up to you 🙂

Hope all is well with you and your writing. If you have comments on reviews and such, send a response. I love to hear from everyone. 

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

8 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. I’m in the same position as you. I’ve received one review on Amazon, but on B & N I’ve gathered several. I don’t know very much about the review sites, but if I find anything I’ll email you.

  2. Reviews are like God talking sometimes. Because people base their entire purchase on the reviews. I wish more people would really listen to God like that, but that’s another topic.

    The point is, I do think reviews are important nowadays. Some people are subjective and take reviews with a grain of salt whereas other buyers are strict and follow reviews to the letter. I don’t think it’s the number of reviews you get, but how good they are, personally. Two 5 star ratings say more to me than 100 ratings of all shapes and sizes. When I see a lot of ratings in a wide range, I tend not to take them seriously because it includes that big group of complainers who don’t like anything and I cant traverse that cloudy water to find the truth in the story.

    Oh and one another thing. As a reader, I use reviews to find out if an author made any boo boo’s in their work that I would not be able to tolerate in a book, not necessarily “how good the book is” because that is subjective and everyone has their own opinion. Like for instance, I hate books with grammatical errors, if I see to many reviews with that as a con, good or bad, I’m probably gonna avoid it.


  3. Best way I’ve found to get more reviews is to list my book for free. Also, at the back of your book, in your ‘note from the author’ you can always ask people to leave a review and let people know what they thought. Both of these have helped me to get a lot of review comments. I’ve also found that the number of reviews is proportional to the number of sales – for me, I see a trend of approx 1 review per 100 books sold. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for the response. I’ve tried the free books and did see some reviews. I need to check to make sure my editor put the ‘send review’ at the end of my e-books. I know the last couple she did. Have a great day…

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