Friday! Waiting on Weekend of writing…

If you haven’t glanced at your calendar, yep it’s Friday. The last day of the work week for most of us. Of course if you’re a writer, it never ends. Which is good because if it’s your passion, then you look forward to the stolen moments when you sit down with your laptop or pen and paper and you just spill your heart out.

As I’m working on the finishing touches of one of my manuscripts I do hope to have the time tomorrow to get it ready for my editor. Of course that means a couple of hours of constant attention paid to it. As the weather is supposed to be pleasant I might just grab a lawn chair and sit under a tree and let the birds inspire me 🙂

I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to schedule your time or it won’t work. When you have a busy life already and you try to fit in writing time, it has to be planned. Of course you know as well as I do, sometimes the inspiration to write over loads your brain and you have to rearrange that schedule. Yep, like in the middle of the night when you have it in your schedule to sleep. That character just keeps nudging you in the shoulder shouting “GET UP!”. 

Hoping all have a great weekend and good luck with your writing time. Don’t forget to make time for your family and Church on Sunday. Inspirational time is very important… 

As always, good writing and My God Bless You…

2 thoughts on “Friday! Waiting on Weekend of writing…

  1. What a lovely post. 🙂 I enjoy scheduled writing time as well, yet as a writer, it can be very important to grab whatever time you can to write, whether it’s an hour waiting for the dryer to finish or just twenty minutes waiting to go and pick up the kids from whatever extracurricular activity they’re involved in. Enjoy the sunshine and the birds, and best of luck with your writing time!

  2. In addition to making time for what’s important in our lives, I would also add the gumption to see to it that we follow through on what we plan to do with that time. Too often, I get distracted even though I intend to use a block of time for certain task.

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