In Memory of my Dad

ImageThis is not my usual writing post. Today marks seven years since my wonderful daddy died. He was the kindest man you could meet. He never met a stranger and loved everyone. He could fix anything and everyone called on him to fix anything and everything.

I’ve more than once in the last seven years picked up the phone to call and ask him how to fix something, but then I’d realize that wasn’t possible. 

He was taken away from us suddenly. He had a massive heart attack. The funny thing about heart attacks is they don’t discriminate or give warning. He was in great health and we all had joked he would out live us.

As for me I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ll see my daddy again one day. He was a man of faith and loved the Lord. I have no doubt where he is. I know he’s looking down from Heaven shaking his head at this post. But I felt I needed to honor him for a day, but in my heart I honor him everyday.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You… and if you still have your father, go hug him today or call him up and just say “I Love You”. That’s the last memory I have of daddy is leaving the night before and he gave me a big hug and said he loved me and I told him back.


4 thoughts on “In Memory of my Dad

  1. I lost my dad back in 2002 and the anniversary of his death is next Monday. June is a harder month for me. I am very glad, like you, to know I will one day again be with him in heaven. 😀 *hugs*

    1. I’ll keep you in my thoughts next Monday. It helps to know we’ll see them again. It wasn’t goodbye, just see you later 🙂 Have a wonderful day and thanks for the encouragement and know it comes back to you also.

  2. Very nice tribute to your dad, Stephanie. Cancer took my father in his early fifties 27 years ago. It makes me sad that he missed out on so much, but he did enjoy life to its fullest. Like your dad, my stepfather after died of a massive heart attack. It’s hard when our loved ones pass too soon, but we do have good memories to warm our hearts, and there is peace knowing we will be with them again one day. Thanks for sharing.

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