Make your writing stand out…



How are your sales? Do they fluctuate or flounder? 

One thing that could be happening is you don’t stand out from the thousands of other writers in your genre. I’ve noticed in the romance genre that you have to stand out to be noticed. Here are a couple of ways to make your book stand out and take the lead:

1: Cover – Your cover is very important. If it’s bland and not eye catching most of the time a reader will pass it by. Make sure that this is a part of your book that you pay for the better images and use the more unique fonts. Don’t just use the font you find on Word. Go onto a font site and grab a really cool one.

2. Description – You have to make your description a cliff hanger. Don’t give away too much but do give away enough to get the reader interested. Maybe even write it in the main characters point of view. If you put a lot of thought and energy in your description it will pop.

3. The first page – You may be saying why is this important. Well if you offer a free sample that’s the first impression the reader will get of your writing. Make sure the first few sentences draw in the reader. You don’t want a lot of back story in the first page or two. Make it catchy and mysterious.

This is just three things that can help bring your book to the forefront. Try these out and see how it helps you.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…



4 thoughts on “Make your writing stand out…

  1. I am very impressed with your knowledge of writing & all of the aspects that go along with it. I always knew you were a very talented young lady, but I never really grasped the concept of the depth of your talents until you became an author. You constantly amaze me lady. Love you, Carol


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