Romance Authors

It’s funny the looks you get when you tell some people that you’re a romance author. Some smile and ask what you’ve written, looking interested. Then you get the ones that roll their eyes and say “You write that crap?” That really just makes me steam over.

Romance novels are one of the biggest selling genres out there, but we still get the stigma of writing romance hoopla so to speak. I would like for one of those that roll their eyes to come on over and sit in one of our shoes for an hour of editing. They’d be saying, hey, I get it. It’s not that easy.

Writing is an art. Either you have it or you don’t. I’ve noticed over the years different writers come and go. They give under the stress of promotion and sales flucuations. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme, so if that’s what you’re in it for, you might want to move on to the next thing on your list.

As for me, I enjoy writing romance. It just excites me to get into a good romantic tale and to see where it can go. I have the control over that ending. I can take it in any direction I want to. I’m not a control freak by no means, but when it comes to where my stories go, my characters have to stand up and pay attention or they’ll get killed off in a nasty punch of the delete key. 🙂

In honor of romance authors, my friend Rosie Amber from the UK and I are teaming up to do a blog tour. It is Romancing September Across The World. We have 30 authors in 30 days. Rosie starts each day off in her time zone with a Q & A and then when the sun rises over Georgia I ask them a question and give them a plug for their latest book.

We have a great lineup of authors. I will have a list of the authors on my home page and Rosie will too. I will put a link to Rosie’s page below so that you can go over and check it out.

As always good writing and May God Bless You…


7 thoughts on “Romance Authors

  1. I completely agree with what you’re saying in regards to the seriousness of anything you write. I have people, even friends tell me they’re writing something. Well, okay, where is it? Why aren’t you doing anything with it? I feel like they want to take away from my accomplishment, like saying, “Writing’s nothing. I’ve even written something.”

    AND, if you want to get some REALLY funny looks, tell people you write PARANORMAL romance. Their eyes say it all, “oh, another Twilight”. Ugh.

    1. I get that a lot. “I read a lot. I should be able to write a novel blindfolded.” I usually look at them and go “Alright, go ahead.” Then they change the subject.
      Hope things are well with you.

  2. I agree with you. When I tell people I write romance, the expression that comes on their faces says it all. And then they’ll give me a fake smile and say, “Oh how interesting! I should read some too, but I’m too busy these days.” I grit my teeth and smile. Some even have the audacity to tell me that I should write something else, with more pep, ‘cos romance writing is easy! I don’t really reply back to such morons. But I do mumble, “If it were so easy, why don’t you write it?”

    1. I know all about that look. I want to tell them the same thing. If it was so easy, why don’t you do it. There are so many parts to writing and publishing a romance. People think you just sit and drink coffee, write a little, drink a little more coffee and then maybe do something. If they only knew 🙂

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