Day 12 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour



Welcome to Day 12 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. The question I put out to all of these authors was “What challenges do you face in writing romance in today’s society?”

Don’t forget to go over to Rosie Amber’s page and check out her page too. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post.

Today my guest author is Terry Tyler and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about Terry and her book Full Circle.

What Challenges do you face writing romance in today’s society?

I’m not a writer of romances as such, but my books all feature love relationships as fairly central themes – because who-ends-up-with-who is always, for me, one of the most important bits of a book!  In my novels, I make my characters’ relationships as realistic as possible, because I like to write and to read about people who could actually exist, rather than idealistic heroes and heroines.  I think it’s important to relate characters’ relationships to today’s men and women; for instance, it is not very often, these days, that people fall in love with someone in their teens and stay with them forever – everyone has so many more opportunities and experiences now, so we carry on changing and are attracted to different people at different stages in our lives.  I like to write about people to whom my readers can really relate!




Terry Tyler’s first book on Amazon, You Wish, was the winner of the ‘Best Women’s Lit/Chick Lit’ category in the eFestival of Words 2013.

Terry lives in the north of England with her husband. She has six novels on Amazon, all of which she describes as the all-encompassing “contemporary fiction” because, despite the eFestival of Words win, she can’t work out what genre she writes in. If you like reading about love triangles, secret affairs, obsessions, addiction and family relationships, with a little bit of internet dating, social networking and reality TV thrown in, all with delightfully unguessable plot twists, then she’s probably the writer for you!

She has a blog on which she writes about anything she feels like, and also writes for the UK Arts Directory on a weekly basis, about self-publishing. Both blogs are widely read.

She will be publishing a collection of short stories later in the year, and is currently working on her seventh novel, which she is firmly convinced will be her best yet. Probably. Watch this space!

Full Circle


Publication Date: April 11, 2013
Terry Tyler

FULL CIRCLE is the sequel to Terry Tyler’s fourth novel, DREAM ON, but can be enjoyed as a stand alone work. It’s a tale of love triangles, infidelity, an English rock band, the lure of celebrity, and the destructive nature of alcohol addiction. FULL CIRCLE ~ love, sex and marriage, rock music and secret affairs, with a few laughs along the way!


Two years have passed since we left Dave, Ariel, Janice and Shane at the end of DREAM ON. 

ARIEL thought her hard work and perseverance had been rewarded when she met record producer Theo Perlmutter ~ then a tragic event turned her dreams to dust.

Newly married JANICE was happier than she’d ever been ~ but the honeymoon ended when born again alcoholic husband Max careered off the wagon and into the nearest bar.

Being forced onto The Jeremy Kyle Show in DREAM ON was not enough to make ladies’ man SHANE learn his lesson – will his philandering ways eventually catch up with him?

Rock band THOR has risen from the ashes…

… but DAVE is unhappy, trapped in a domestic situation not of his choosing.

Will there be a happy ending for any of them?

Go over and check Terry Tyler out…
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