Day 25 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour



Welcome to Day 25 of the Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. The question I put out to all of these authors was “What challenges do you face in writing romance in today’s society?”

Don’t forget to go over to Rosie Amber’s page and check out her page too. I’ll put the link at the bottom of this post.

Today my guest author is Ana Calin and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about Ana and her book The Blacksmith.

What Challenges do you face writing romance in today’s society?

In a world of romance where boy meets girl and their cheeks turn red with a heavy crush, we forget to give a chance to fiery, passionate love to those who’ve known the hardships of a worn relationship. Ex-husbands and ex-wives tend to seek thrill in new partners because that’s what society seems to promote. “The Blacksmith” explores the psychological depths of forbidden desires that are eating at the core of family people, seeking to shatter the legend of ‘born virtue’ but also to give romance a new track: girl met boy long ago, got married, now both lost interest and guess what? She’s into a much younger guy. Now where to? “The Blacksmith” is the electrifying story of a woman who will rediscover the power of youth and the bliss of falling in love, challenging head on the principles of society and the very human condition. I would yet add this for my beloved readers: don’t think you got this figured out…




Ana Calin was born in 1984 in Constanta, Romania. Avid for fairy tales and stories as a child, her mother taught her to read at the age of four and, discovering the girl’s love for foreign languages, hired an English teacher when Ana was eight. By the age of ten she had read Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations in the original language. Ana studied English and German Language and Literature in high school and later on in university. In 2005 she received a scholarship for one year in Bielefeld, Germany, and met her husband, also Romanian, upon her return to her hometown in 2006. Following her wedding in 2009 she returned to Germany with her husband and has been working ever since as a translator and interpreter of English, German and Romanian. Her area of expertise covers not only fiction but also psychology and science, which inspires her writing and allowed her to craft her first novel, The Blacksmith, as a grounded fantasy relying on concepts that are feasible at least in theory. She currently lives in Berlin.




A dangerous love story with a twist. Romance and thriller merged in a fantasy that is actually possible.

Aurelia Novac’s life and marriage to Damian take an abrupt turn when she meets the unnaturally handsome Ivan Grabianko. Ivan is Aura’s student, a forbidden fruit who challenges her morals and casts her in a fight against guilty desires, but also the main suspect when teachers start dying violent deaths. Refusing to believe that Ivan is a cold blooded murderer and convinced the police is covering the real killer’s tracks, Aura starts an investigation of her own, seeking to save herself and those she cares for. Following the available threads – DNA traces and an alias, The Blacksmith – she will find herself drawn in a war between secret societies led by superior humans, in which the Blacksmith is a purpose in himself, a deadly demon born of man. Aura will go unveiling the meaning behind the Blacksmith’s alias and dark mysteries of the very human race, yet all at a heavy cost – she will become consumed with love for a dangerous man whose innate nature ist to kill…


So, go over and check out Ana at Amazon, you won’t be disappointed.


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