Cleaning out the cobwebs

Well today is the last day of my vacation. It’s been a great one. I’ve written over 12,000 words this week. Yesterday was spent getting all the winter clothes out of the attic and cleaning out the closets. That’s a job. I’ve cleaned out more cobwebs this week. It’s amazing how active the spiders are this year.

But that’s not the cobwebs for which I speak. I’m talking about those that cause that pesky thing call writer’s block. We’ve all had it at one time or another. You don’t even have to be a writer to have cobwebs crowd the brain. I was stuck a couple of times this week in the cobweb, but I worked my way out somehow. Sometimes our words get caught in the web. 

Then you have the lovely editing cobweb. You’re reading along and bam there it is. It looms over you like a black widow waiting to pounce. You start to sweat, your heart races and then nothing. You don’t remember why you wrote a certain part, why you added a certain character. You know you had a reason at the time and it could have been a good one or so it seemed. I have that problem. If I don’t write down my characters as they’re added and their purpose, I have an issue either later in the story or when editing.

So, have you cleaned out the cobwebs in your brain. Maybe it’s as simple as stepping back. That’s what I did yesterday. I cleaned house, then shopped, and then had a nice yogurt will all the trimmings at the frozen yogurt shop. That’s enough to inspire you. It was yummy.

So, great writing and May God Bless You…


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