Writing Goals – How do you manage them?

Writing Goals! This can be a hard to figure out. Of course you don’t have to set a goal to be a writer, but it helps to make sure you meet deadlines. For me I try to be reasonable, well most of the time. It helps to manage your time with other tasks, this usually gives you that extra window of writing time. If you wash your dishes as you cook dinner, then after dinner you have that time to write. If you write as you wait for clothes to wash and dry then that gives you another segment of time. At work I try to set a few minutes here and there to fit in a couple of words. That also helps to relieve the stress of the work day.

I’ve talked to many writers about their goals. Some have daily goals, weekly goals and monthly goals. I guess it would depend on your deadline and your schedule. Like around the holidays I might have a lower goal than when I have less on my plate. Usually my weekend goals are higher than my weekday goals due to time restraints.

One writer had a goal of 5000 a day and another said she only tried to fit in 2000. As for me, I set maybe 1000 per day on weekdays if I’m not pressed on a deadline, but on the weekend I make up for it by going 5000 or more per day. Of course on weekdays sometimes I exceed the goal each day if the story is flowing really well. It’s hard to stop the inspiration at a certain spot, but sometimes if I exceed my goal one day, I might take a little time for myself to read the next day. It’s a win-win situation.

As I have a deadline on my newest book which I’ve set for the week before Thanksgiving, I have a pretty hefty goal. Hope you are all getting your goals completed.

As always good writing, and May God Bless You… 


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