Putting tags on your book…

This is very important for your books. When you set up your books this is a part of it. But unfortunately this is a hard part, well it is for me. How do you tag your book where it’s not lost in the crowd? Well here is some ways I figure this out:

1: Sit down and write down every key word you can think of that goes with your book.

2: Go on Amazon and search each key word. See how many are listed there.

3: Pick the top key words that aren’t bogged down by thousands of selections already.

4: Sometimes the oddest keyword is the best choice, but make it a logical keyword.

5: Hint: Romance is bogged down, make sure you put more detailed descriptive keywords.


As I always tell you, these are just suggestions. I don’t guarantee these will work for you, but they did for me.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


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