Dust it off and see what happens

This weekend I was working on The Winner Takes All which is the 2nd book in The Winner series. I had to bring out the first book for a couple of references and as I read it was like visiting an old friend. I actually read a couple of chapters before I knew what I was doing. But I did see some things I’d like to change or expand on. Funny how that happens as you start to learn more about your craft.

I’ve had a couple of fans say they’d like to know more back story of some of the characters in a couple of my books. One lady even put in a review that she’d love to see me expand one of my books. She loved the book so much that she wanted to know more about the back story of some of the characters. Well, that got me to thinking about doing just that.

Of course, you know me, I did some research on authors revisiting old stories and was amazed at how many famous authors have done this. Even their best sellers they’ve revisited them and some even revamped the covers and did a whole re-release campaign. So, don’t be shocked if I don’t revisit a couple of my books. I actually have some ideas for a couple of them.

Have you ever did this? Have you read a book lately that you wanted more of the story? It’s funny how you love a story but you want to hear more about a particular character. Well, I’ve listened to these requests from my fans and plan on do just that.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


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