Decisions and another ice storm!

If you’ve seen the weather reports well here it comes again. Today it starts as rain, then turning to freezing rain, then to sleet and finally a light snow. Oh Joy! Here we go again. I can handle the snow, it’s pretty, but the ice is not. That means possible power outages and that’s not a good thing. 

As I told in my post last week, I had to replace one of my computers this weekend. OH, but the fun didn’t end there. Yesterday my main printer went out. Yep, I’ve got a monkey on my back and he’s not very friendly. But all in all I’ve kept up the good attitude that always follows me. I’ve tried to keep it light, but my pocketbook sure isn’t happy…

I’ve got a couple of days to decide whether I’m going to enter the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. I’d originally thought this was a definite decision, but as I do further thinking I just don’t know. It’s a great contest to enter, but I’m being pulled in another direction. A little birdy has put a different direction for this book into my ear. I’m praying on it and working through my indecision. Hopefully by Sunday I’ll have a answer. 

Writers are constantly making decisions. They range from settings, main character descriptions, genres, plots, covers, blurbs, publishing, editing, and so many more. Sometimes I spend more time on this than writing which is not a good thing. In order to meet your writing goals, it’s important to know what direction you’re headed in. Try to stay on the road forward, sometimes those side roads lead in the wrong direction.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


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