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What’s the latest trend? Does it matter?


There’s so many trends in writing. It’s obvious if you go on bestsellers in the Amazon search you will see lots of Cowboy Romance. That’s a good thing for someone like me that writes Cowboy Romance. But what if you don’t write those types of romance? It’s quite simple really. Write what you love.

I’ve said this over and over and I’ll say it again. Write what you love. If you try to write about something that you don’t love or something you’re not familiar with, well it will show in your writing. Why not start your own trend. If you write about romantic fairies that meet you in the woods, well that’s what you need to write about. Make it popular. Write the novel that will put it on the board.

I’ve noticed several trends since I’ve been writing. When I was a teenager which was a long while ago and no I will not tell you how long ago, the trend was pirate romance. I loved them and still have several of those in my massive book collection. I was searching Amazon the other day and noticed several pirate romances popping up. Interesting. I think maybe we have a swing in trends. I also noticed several that graced country boys sitting on their trucks. They weren’t necessarily cowboys, but ball cap, blue jean wearing country boys. Another interesting theme.

We’ll see where it goes, but I think the winds of change affect many writers. Some get affected in a good way and others let it take them down a road of no man’s land. Don’t let it happen to you. Write what you’re passionate about and make it the best you’ve ever written. If it’s good, people will find it and maybe make it a new trend. You’ll never know until you put it out there. So go for it!

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Author: stephaniehurt

Stephanie Hurt lives in Georgia with her husband Tommy and their son Hunter, along with two dogs, Daisy and Jake. When Stephanie is not lost in one of the worlds that she creates, she's an accountant and children's minister. She has been writing the stories that fill her mind since she was a teenager. The moment a story comes into her mind, she's mesmerized and soon she's diving into the story with a cup of hot green tea and a notebook. Before long, the story has bones and is ready for the laptop. She happily types away in the early morning and at night. You can always find her with a notebook full of stories that have yet to come to life. Follow her journey in each of her over 40 published works! Stephanie Payne Hurt loves to hear from fans and hopes that she's helped them go to another world for at least a while! Connect with Author: Twitter: Email: Website: Facebook: Sign up for my newsletter at to keep up with upcoming events and new releases.

2 thoughts on “What’s the latest trend? Does it matter?

  1. Too true! Who cares about the trends, as long as you write something that will connect with the readers. That’s what matters, right? 🙂

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