Work in Progress Blog Hop

Well, my friend and fellow author Sonya Loveday has nominated me for the Work in Progress Blog Hop. It’s a fun way to get something out there about your book in progress. 

In this challenge I’m supposed to post, as required, the opening sentence from each of the first three chapters of my current WIP, which will be from Emma Rose, the 2nd book in my Women of Magnolia Hill Saga. It’s set to release September 19th. 

Chapter 1

The sun slowly streamed across her face as she eased her eyes open slightly, the weakness she felt was like a weight on her limbs.

 Chapter 2

Over the next couple of weeks Tori regained her strength and took over the care of her daughter.

Chapter 3

As soon as the last snow of Winter melted and the sun started to warm the soil, the men plowed the garden for the Spring vegetables.



Well, there it is. Thanks Sonya for nominating me and as a thanks heres a shout out to your newest book.

Sonya EB copy

To end the blog I must tag a couple of authors, so here goes my nominations:

 Ana Calin

V. Steele

Felicia Myers


Have fun ladies!



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