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Romancing September Across the World – Day 12 Adrienne Vaughan


Welcome to Day 12 of the 2nd Annual Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. I’ve teamed up with Rosie Amber again this year. We’re promoting 30 awesome romance authors in 30 days. Help us out by cross promoting when you can and check out these authors.

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Today my guest author is Adrienne Vaughan and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about her and her book The Hollow Heart.

Adrienne Vaughan Author The Hollow Heart 3D cover updated

  • What inspired you to write this book?

It was inspired by a dream, I was on holiday by the sea and dreamt I met a very famous movie star in the local pub. The next morning, I rushed to the newsagents for a notebook and pen. (I still write by hand today).

  • What’s your favorite part of this book and why?

There are so many. I like the scenes in New York, such a contrast to the island. I love the seduction scene in the Tudor lodge, phew! But my favourite scene is at the end, I can feel all Marianne’s emotions; hope, trepidation and the promise of a future with the man she loves.

  • What is your philosophy on writing and life? 

If you love what you do, whatever it is, it will shine through. My grandfather told me, ‘Always aim for the moon. If you fall, you’ll land on the stars.’  That’s good enough for me.

  • Name your three favorite books that you’ve written — feel free to list buy links 

I have only published two so far, The Hollow Heart and the sequel A Change of Heart. The last in the trilogy Secrets of the Heart will be published in the autumn.

  • What are your goals for this year?

Finish and launch Secrets of the Heart, the final part of the Heartfelt Trilogy. And if I can muster superhuman effort, get my long lost novel Kiss & Tell out there too. Also, with another group of authors, including Debbie Flint and Lizzie Lamb, I’m working on a spooky short story for a Halloween anthology, which should be fun. So all good.

  • If you had to give one piece of advice what would it be?

I would not be a published writer without my colleagues in the New Romantics 4. We encourage and spur each other on. So arm yourself with some good, solid writing mates. Churchill’s quote is stuck on my computer. ‘Never, never, never, give up!’

The Hollow Heart – Book Blurb

Marianne Coltrane is a feisty, award-winning journalist who is far from lucky in love. Escaping from the pressures of her career and a lost love, she takes herself off to the wilds of the west of Ireland, where she literally runs into Ryan O’Gorman, the most conceited, infuriating man in the world. He’s an actor who’s just landed the biggest role in movie history and loathes journalists. One thing they do have in common is they both think their chance of true love has passed them by …but fate, as usual, has other ideas!

“Sexy, moving and funny, this heart-warming duo and cast of colourful characters will stay with you long after the last page leaves you smiling.”

Adrienne Vaughan – author bio (short version)

July 2014

Born in Leicester and brought up in Dublin, Adrienne Vaughan has been making up stories since she could speak, as soon as she could pick up a pen she started writing them down. It was no surprise she wanted to be a journalist; ideally the editor of a glossy magazine, so she could meet and marry a rock star!

Today, she runs a busy PR practice and writes poems, short stories and ideas for books in her spare time. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and a founder member of the indie publishing group The New Romantics 4.

Adrienne lives in Leicestershire with her husband, two cocker spaniels, Agatha Christie – the rescue cat and a retired dressage horse called Marco.

The sequel to The Hollow Heart, titled A Change of Heart is available now, and the final book in the trilogy Secrets of the Heart will be published in autumn 2014.

Publication could be delayed however, if she gets the call to be the latest, if rather mature – Bond girl!


Thanks so much for joining us on this grand adventure we call Romancing September Across the World 2014 Blog Tour.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Author: stephaniehurt

Stephanie Payne Hurt has been writing stories since she was a teenager, but only started publishing her work in 2012, 30 years later. The romance genre drew her in at an early age. Since 2012 she's published over 50 Romance novels/novellas. Stephanie is a busy lady. She's a Children's Minister, Accountant, wife and mother along with a blogger and writer, along with starting a publishing service called Horseshoe Publishing alongside her publisher. It's been an exciting ride and she looks forward to what the future holds for her writing. Currently she writes romance ranging from Christian, Contemporary, Suspense and Cowboy. Her work is available at many online retailers, on her website and in a bookstore in Zebulon, Georgia near her home. Come by and visit her at and subscribe to get updates and release dates, also her monthly newsletter! Don't forget to join her Street Team for all the new updates and to get free chapters of upcoming books and lots of other prizes.

6 thoughts on “Romancing September Across the World – Day 12 Adrienne Vaughan

  1. I agree having the support of good friends is vital to a writers success.

  2. I agree to this idea too. Best of luck with accomplishing your goals, Adrienne!

  3. Loved your first two books, Adrienne – looking forward to the third!

  4. Reblogged this on Realm of Romantic Mystical Manuscripts and commented:
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  5. I loved the part of the interview where you mentioned your philosophy, “If you love what you do, whatever it is, it will shine through.” I am still trying to figure out what it is that I would love to do. I wished it would come to me easily, but I look forward to when I do discover what it is that I love to do.

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