Romancing September Across the World – Day 17 Monica La Porta

Welcome to Day 17 of the 2nd Annual Romancing September Across The World Blog Tour. I’ve teamed up with Rosie Amber again this year. We’re promoting 30 awesome romance authors in 30 days. Help us out by cross promoting when you can and check out these authors.

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Today my guest author is Monica La Porta and I want to thank her for blogging with me today. Here is a little about her and her book The Lost Centurion.

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  • What inspired you to write this book?

I’ve been wanting to write a series set in Rome for the longest time. There aren’t paranormal or urban fantasy series that are focussed on the Eternal City, and I’ve always thought that Rome is the perfect place for romance. Ancient and mysterious, elegant and decadent, but also joyous and chaotic.

  • What’s your favourite part of this book and why?

The part I liked the most in The Lost Centurion was describing Rome through the ages. For example, Marcus’s house changes from a one-story Roman villa to a Renaissance Palazzo, maintaining the core of its structure from the Imperial times. I spent weeks researching about daily life in Rome, what the Romans liked to eat, what kind of games they played, what they wore, how their society was structured. Only bits and pieces of that research went into the book, but I loved every minute of it.

  • What is your philosophy on writing and life?

Persistence. When I was a kid, I was told by a teacher that I was a good student, but I would never be any good at languages, especially English. The teacher’s words hurt me and stayed with me for a long time. Eventually, I decided it was in my power to prove myself I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough.

  • Name your three favorite books that you’ve written — feel free to list buy links.

Besides The Lost Centurion, I would name:

The Priest, because of its message of universal love

Marie’s Journey, because it was the first YA title I published

The Immortal Greek, because I had to push my limits to write the larger than life character of Alexander

  • What are your goals for this year? 

I am working on publishing the third and fourth book in The Immortals series before the end of the year. I am also participating in several anthologies that will be announced soon.

  • If you had to give one piece of advice what would it be? 

Never give up and always believe in yourself.

Please provide us with the book bio/description, j-peg author photo, j-peg book cover, buying links, links to author social media.

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Monica La Porta Bio:

Monica La Porta is an Italian who landed in Seattle several years ago. Despite popular feelings about the Northwest weather, she finds the mist and the rain the perfect conditions to write. Being a strong advocate of universal acceptance and against violence in any form and shape, she is also glad to have landed precisely in Washington State. She is the author of The Ginecean Chronicles, a dystopian/science fiction series set on the planet Ginecea where women rule over a race of enslaved men and heterosexual love is considered a sin. She has published the first four books in the series, The Priest, Pax in the Land of Women, Prince at War, and Marie’s Journey. She just released two new NA paranormal romances, Gaia, and Elios. She also wrote and illustrated a children’s book about the power of imagination, The Prince’s Day Out. Her published short, Linda of the Night, is a fairytale love story celebrating inner beauty. The Lost Centurion, and The Immortal Greek, the first and second title in The Immortals, a paranormal saga set in modern Rome, have just come out. Stop by her blog to read about her miniatures, sculptures, paintings, and her beloved beagle, Nero. Sometimes, she also posts about her writing.

The Lost Centurion blurb:

Marcus has sworn to avenge his wife’s death—even if it takes an eternity to hunt down the vampire who murdered her. Once a Roman Centurion, Marcus is now immortal and, for the past two thousand years, impervious to human emotions. Until the night he rescues Diana…

Diana knew nothing of the paranormal world until her transformation into a vampling, a newborn vampire entirely reliant for survival upon the distant and seemingly emotionless Centurion, who found her in the throes of changing. Her protector turned her without her consent, but at his untimely death, she becomes the distant and cold immortal’s responsibility.

The entire vampire community is determined to kill Marcus as he protects one of their own. While Marcus and Diana travel the Italian countryside, being chased by their enemies, Marcus must choose between avenging his dead wife or saving Diana from the same vampire who ruined his life. Bewitched by the Amalfi moon, he soon discovers his heart has already decided for him.

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Thanks so much for joining us on this grand adventure we call Romancing September Across the World 2014 Blog Tour.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


8 thoughts on “Romancing September Across the World – Day 17 Monica La Porta

  1. I totally agree with the advice: never give up! BRAVO! It’s so important to believe in our power. If we don’t, why would the others?
    May your goals come true, Monica!

  2. I liked your advice on life, “Never Give Up”. Though I try not to give up I have to admit that there are times that it turned out best to give up, but to NEVER give up is something to aspire to. I enjoyed reading the blurb of your book, and it sounds like a book I would love to read. Definitely adding it to my TBR List if it continues to peek my interest.

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