It’s Friday – One more day until Ridge!

Yes I’m excited about Ridge coming out tomorrow. Not only does the book release tomorrow, but I’m doing my first book signing in my hometown. It’s so exciting.

Ridge is the first book in the Five Oaks Ranch Series and it’s a western romance set in Georgia. Each book of the series focuses on one of the five siblings on the ranch. They’re all different in many ways, but not in the love they have for family and the family ranch. You’ll fall in love with the Cauthen brood. I can’t wait for you to meet each one of them as their stories unfold.

Here’s a little teaser from Ridge:

As Ridge returned to the ranch he was tense. He’d enjoyed his lunch with his brothers but he had so much on his mind. The moment he stepped into the barn he knew this day would get worse. The new vet was standing in the middle of the stalls with Maggie. Why did this woman affect him so much?

 Ridge walked with purpose toward his office at the back of the stables. He sat down and groaned, maybe if he got his mind on something else he could get her out of it. Reaching across his desk he grabbed the new supply catalog and searched for the feed buckets that needed to be replaced. Unfortunately as he scanned the pages her face kept slipping in.

During the time he was in Iraq he’d often dream of coming home and finding a good woman to marry. Then as time progressed and his depression grew he knew this wasn’t a possibility. Slamming the magazine down on the desk he stood up. What he needed was a good long ride along the fence line. He walked out of the office and ran full body into Mallory.

 He stumbled back grumbling and apologizing. Of course she giggled and told him it was her fault. “I’m so sorry. I should watch where I’m going.”

 “No it was my fault I was not watching where I was going and evidently had too much on my mind.” He looked down into her mesmerizing eyes and was lost but for only a moment. Shaking his head vigorously, he turned toward the stalls.

 She stood and watched him walk away. He was a complex man but an intriguing one. Deep down she knew he was struggling with his memories and trying to adjust to life after living in a war zone. Slowly she turned and headed for her truck. The funny thing was every time she thought of him her heart raced and she’d only met him just today.

That was just a snippet of what’s to come in the book Ridge. Don’t forget if you’re in the Zebulon, Georgia area tomorrow around 3 -5, come by and pick up a copy of Ridge.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

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