The Scoop on the Book Signing!

Good Monday morning everyone! I’ve had several inquiries regarding the book signing event I had on Saturday. It was really great and I’m still smiling. The turnout was humbling to say the least and seeing all the familiar and new faces was fun. I met some really wonderful people and was able to talk books non stop.

Since this was my first book signing on record I was a little nervous, but the minute I stepped into A Novel Experience Bookstore in my hometown, Zebulon, Georgia, well let’s just say the nerves flew out the window. The smell of the books that surrounded me made for a relaxing atmosphere.

I settled into my chair and went to work. A couple of times I actually forgot my name! It’s true… I talked about Ridge as though he was a real person instead of a fictional character that came from my head. Someone actually asked if he was a real person because I made him real in my conversation.

A fun fact about my book signing, I sat in the place where famed author John Green (Fault in the Stars) sat for one of his book signings. It was like sitting in the presence of royalty. Yep, he did an early book signing there. Feeling special…

The gracious bookstore owner is already talking another event for the release of Oakley which is coming in a couple of months. Oh my, a couple of months, that means I’d best get off this blog and get to work. Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm. It’s really cold here in Georgia and expecting some snow and ice in parts of the south. Burrrrr!!!

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Go by Amazon and get your copy of Ridge…

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2 thoughts on “The Scoop on the Book Signing!

  1. Sorry I missed it. Hopefully I can make the next one. We had too much to do Sat. & was gone almost all day. I’m glad you had a good turn out. Are you doing taxes this year? I don’t see how you do all that you do, but then, you’re still young & full of pep! lol.  I know you have to do a lot of running, but I know its something you enjoy!Love & miss ya. I have got to find the time to sit down & text, email or call your mom, I know she thinks I’ve forgotten all about her. I hate talking on the phone, cause I do that all day long here at work. But, I will get in touch with her soon.

    1. I totally understand. It was fantastic… Yes I’m still preparing taxes and busy as ever, especially with the new insurance laws ;( Hope to see you guys soon! By the way we voted in a new Pastor yesterday so maybe you guys can come and visit. Love ya both…

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