It’s time to write, now what…


It’s time to write! What tools do you use to set up and get ready? Do you have a writing ritual? Well here’s a little look into my writing tools and what I need to write.

When I sit down to write I do it in a couple of ways.

Writing in the tub:

If I’m in the mood for a warm, lavender scented bath and want to write I grab my trusty pen and pad, well that used to be the norm, but now I grab my phone and use a dictation app, then download to my computer. It’s a great way to relax and write at the same time. But I suggest you let anyone in the house know what you’re doing. My son thought I was talking to myself.

Writing on the go:

What if you’re in the car waiting in line or maybe waiting on your child to get out of school, well use that time to write. I keep a pad and pen in my purse for just that moment. Now I use my dictation app on my phone, but usually in this situation I use my writing pad because people look at me strangely if I’m talking and there’s no response.

Writing in my writer zone:

Ok, when I’m in my normal writing zone which is the corner of my comfy couch, I usually have my laptop in my lap. But since I downloaded my phone app, some days I dictate then edit, but when I’m in the writing zone, you know the one, where I’m totally into what I’m doing, I love to feel the keys under my finger tips. I also have a large spiral notebook and pencil within reach for character changes and notes. If you don’t do this, then I suggest you start. It helps keep the facts straight.

Beverage of choice:

As any writer will tell you it’s imperative that you have a cup of something within reach. I usually have either coffee or warm flavored tea handy. If I’m writing in the early morning hours I have coffee, but for the afternoon writing I grab herbal tea. It’s just a good way to stay focused.


Some writers say they can’t write with noise around them, but some days if I’m writing a pivotal part of the story I need music. If it’s a sad part, then I play something somber, but if it’s a dramatic part, well I play something to go with that. Sometimes music inspires me to go in a different direction than maybe I’d planned. The sounds not the words inspire me.

Well, that’s a little bit of how I write and what I use as far as the tools. I’m working on a post for later regarding the programs that I use in designing and writing my books. Since I own a publishing service now I’ve expanded that list. So be on the look out for that post.

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As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


One thought on “It’s time to write, now what…

  1. I find that my ritual is to just lie on my stomach, on my bed, and just write until I run out of creativity. Then I’ll save the work and continue the next day. I find that preparing myself for writing is too much of a chore and I’d much rather lie around and write instead. But I guess different people have different ways to deal with it 🙂 It’s interesting to read such things and I hope these really help you excel in your work!

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