Coffee, 3 cups and still going…

Good Friday morning everyone. It’s been a great week of vacation. As I sit here writing this post, I’m working on my 3rd cup of coffee and thinking about downing the whole pot. I wonder if it would be weird to just drink from the pot and save myself the trouble of going back and forth to the kitchen. Thinking…thinking… nope, I’ll go back and forth to the kitchen.

As for my vacation it was great. I’m glad to be home, but the beach was refreshing and relaxing. It’s amazing to sink your toes in the warm sand and listen to the waves crash onto shore. I enjoyed spending my time on the beach writing. The inspirational surroundings made me write with a open mind. I finished the outline for Luke and Maggie, by the way they’re coming up really fast.

How’s it going with everyone else? Are you writing, if so what?

I’ve been really busy lately, with writing, getting ready for a book signing in September and on top of that I’m working with my friend across the pond, Rosie Amber, on Romancing September Across the World Tour. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about my Street Team which my editor Kaleigh started up.  So I’m really busy. And did I mention I have several books in the works, with a looming deadline on two of them. But this is when I thrive.

So here’s a couple of things to keep you up to date…

FlyerBanner2015 cover

Told you I’ve been busy. If any of you are in the Georgia area on September 26th, then come by and meet me. Also you can meet my editor too! Then of course the Romancing Tour starts September 1st. Rosie and I need your help promoting the tour. We’ll be announcing a Twitter hash tag soon, so keep an eye out.

If you’d like to join my street team, then go to my website and follow the crumbs. It’s easy to sign up and then you’ll get some cool swag, along with enticing tidbits before anyone else. Also, if you decide that it’s more you want, then follow the instructions to get a chance at ARC’s of the newest books coming out. I’ll be in touch with the members often, letting you know all the upcoming things with my writing and things going on in my head. Maybe I’ll even let you help with cover decisions, but you have to sign up to get those benefits. If you have questions, email my street team at or just go to my website at!

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


10 thoughts on “Coffee, 3 cups and still going…

  1. Writing too over here; finished book two, waiting for the covers, and now working on the prologue for book three; listening to Carl Jung’s lectures and reading Freud’s introduction to Psychoanalysis for inspiration, I must be going mad :))))))

      1. Super! I’m looking forward to it. I’d like to do and post on my blog a characterization of one of your main male characters, if you agree. One of your choice. Let me know if you like this idea.

      2. We can talk about that. This how I picture it: you give me a scene of a book of oyur choice, featuring this character. The book summary/presentation too. And then I take a shot at his “profile”. I like to call myself a “profiler” in this case. Also tracking “real” psychological traits, sort of transposing him into reality, making him a real man, and if he were a real man, what would he be like. I hope this makes sense. If, not I can go into a bit of detail. But the main idea is this: profiling. You like it? I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, the idea excites me. 🙂 Then, if you like how it works, we can do it for more books.

      3. I love this idea. I’ll work on getting that scene to you hopefully tomorrow. This sounds interesting and fun! Don’t forget to let me know which book you want me to interview you on, or I can even do a general author interview, it’s totally up to you. 🙂

      4. I’d go for an interview on The Executioner Part I, which is coming up on the 4th of September. It’ll be up for a big givaway for the first week 🙂

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