Romancing September Across the World – Day 3 – Linda Lee Williams

Good morning everyone! I want to welcome you to the 2nd part of Day 3 of the 3rd Annual Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour. If you haven’t checked out Rosie’s post from earlier, then go by and get caught up.

Now on to today’s featured author, Linda Lee Williams.

Here’s the question I asked:

What has been the biggest inspiration for your writing?

While I was growing up, I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy.  I was hooked on shows like “The Twilight Zone” and “The Outer Limits.”  Later, I consumed novels by LaVeryle Spencer, Nora Roberts, and Belva Plain as well as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Jakes.  These authors inspired me in different ways, but they all had one thing in common: The ability to tell a good story and make me suspend my disbelief.  When I started writing in earnest, I strove to develop the same skills.  Even though I still don’t measure up, they helped me set the bar higher.

LINDA-L Williams

Here’s a little bit about today’s author:

Linda Lee Williams writes “contemporary romance with a paranormal twist.”  Her stories revolve around imperfect characters, their families and friends, and a host of life issues.  Currently, she has four published novels and is part of a short-story anthology.

After moving to Denver from Chicago, Linda taught creative writing classes and formed a writers’ group.  An outdoor enthusiast, she enjoys hiking, biking, and birding.  She loves critters of all kinds.  During her journeys she’s called Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, and Colorado home.  Wherever she roams, she finds inspiration in her surroundings.


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Todays featured book is “Old Town Nights”. If you haven’t checked out the Linda’s book, then here’s a little about it and where to find it.

Old Town Nights

 Book Description

When Abby Lawrence shows a house to Ambrose Slater, she’s unable to resist the handsome, sensitive hybrid-vampire, who is a powerful mortal.  As she witnesses the deterioration of his brother’s marriage to a regular woman, Abby must decide if she can embrace the vampire lifestyle or give up the only man she’s ever loved.  Ambrose must choose whether to risk losing Abby’s love or setting her free, even if it kills him…

Can a vampire baker and a spunky realtor make their relationship work?  Or will their quirky families and the odds against them doom their love affair?

Amazon, US:

Amazon, UK:

I hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching for more great authors all month and don’t forget to go by Rosie’s post at… Let’s make it another awesome tour for 2015!


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