Romancing September Across the World – Day 12 – Monica La Porta

Good morning everyone! I want to welcome you to the 2nd part of Day 12 of the 3rd Annual Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour. If you haven’t checked out Rosie’s post from earlier, then go by and get caught up.

Now on to today’s featured author, Here’s the question I asked:

What has been the biggest inspiration for your writing?

The biggest inspiration for my writing is the knowledge of my mortality. I am one of those persons who hope to leave a lasting trace of our passing. Every morning, when I wake, my thoughts go to all the people I’ve lost recently, and that makes me want to live life at its fullest. Being a full-time author is a dream come true, and something I keep working on every day. Even when sales are down, reviews are scathing, and I struggle with every word I write, I keep hitting the keyboard, knowing that there isn’t anything else I’d rather do but telling tales about worlds that only exists in my mind.

 Here’s a little bit about today’s author:

Monica La Porta

Monica La Porta is an Italian who landed in Seattle several years ago. Despite popular feelings about the Northwest weather, she finds the mist and the rain the perfect conditions to write. Being a strong advocate of universal acceptance and against violence in any form and shape, she is also glad to have landed precisely in Washington State. She is the author of The Ginecean Chronicles, a dystopian/science fiction series set on the planet Ginecea where women rule over a race of enslaved men and heterosexual love is considered a sin. She also published two other series: the futuristic love story across the universe, Elios & Gaia, narrated in two books; and the paranormal romance/urban fantasy series The Immortals set in Rome. Stop by her blog to read about her miniatures, sculptures, paintings, and her beloved beagle, Nero. Sometimes, she also posts about her writing.

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Todays featured book is “The Lonely Wolf”. If you haven’t checked out her book, then here’s a little about it and where to find it.

 TLW 11 con piuma

 Book Description

The archangel and the alpha werewolf, two men from rival species, an everlasting forbidden love.

A father and a son, estranged for eighteen years and reunited by fate.

Amidst bigotry and racism, Ludwig and Quintilius have been in love for almost two thousand years. Yet, their relationship is put to the ultimate test when Ludwig is named archangel, and he must decide between Quin and his brethren.

Lupo is a young, misguided werewolf in search of an identity and full of anger. Seeking to secure his position among the Reds, the most feared street gang in Rome, he commits himself to a life of crime, only to find love where he least expected.

One morning, after rescuing a vampire from a vicious werewolf attack, Ludwig makes a discovery that will link Quintilius’s and Lupo’s lives forever. But despite their good intentions, love and happiness aren’t in sight for the three men, while vampires, werewolves, and angels plot against them.


Here are the Amazon links for The Lonely Wolf:


I hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching for more great authors all month and don’t forget to go by Rosie’s post at… Let’s make it another awesome tour for 2015!


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