Romancing September Across the World – Day 15 – Felicia Myers

Good morning everyone! I want to welcome you to the 2nd part of Day 15 of the 3rd Annual Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour. If you haven’t checked out Rosie’s post from earlier, then go by and get caught up.

Now on to today’s featured author, Here’s the question I asked:

What has been the biggest inspiration for your writing?

Emotions are the biggest inspiration when it comes to writing. Every time I go for a walk in the city gardens, I observe people. There are so many different faces, each telling their own story by their eyes, their expressions, their body language. Every face screams a story in my head. With a cup of coffee in hand, and observant eyes, I sit under a tree with a note book and pen in hand, ready to let my imagination soar high in the sky, thinking of what the story could be behind the face.

Here’s a little bit about today’s author:

Felicity Myers

I grew up in a small town located in Gujarat – India, right between the sea and the desert. My heart feels at home in my current city of residence – the wonderful city of Harbour Bridge & Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

Todays featured book is “A Fake Engagement, A Real Wedding”. If you haven’t checked out the her book, then here’s a little about it and where to find it.

A Fake Engagement

 Book Description

Going through various adult emotions early on in his life have moulded ASR and made him into the man he is today – a ruthless businessman and a total playboy. He is single and plans to remain that way. He has always loved a challenge, and Khushi Gupta presents a challenge to his senses like none other. He has tried and failed at discarding thoughts of her from his head. Every time they come together, sparks fly. He bedded her once but that is not enough. Every time he looks at her, something inside him yearns for more. He is not sure what “more” entails, but it looks like a dangerous territory. Dare he enter?


I hope you enjoyed it! Keep watching for more great authors all month and don’t forget to go by Rosie’s post at… Let’s make it another awesome tour for 2015!


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