Hiram Book Signing – the rundown.

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Saturday I had a book signing about two hours away from my home. It was a dreary, nasty, rainy day, which affected the attendance. But even with that said I enjoyed the day. I had a nice time talking with one of the owners about publishing, selling, and other authors.

I actually call Saturday’s book signing a learning experience. As I took in the other local author books and the swag they had with their book displayed, I gained many ideas. Of course as a people watcher, I took in the expressions of those that came in and out of the door. It was comical that most of the patrons during my stay there were men.

It never fails that I always forget something, and this time it was the jar to put the entry slips for the giveaway in and the bowl for the candy. They were nice enough to provide me with something to use. Even with the best plans, something can go wrong.

Now my Lean on Him series and the Five Oaks Ranch series are represented at their store which excites me. It’s a new territory to gain some new fans.

Hope all is well with all of you.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


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