Stepping back …

Good Sunday morning! Here in Georgia it’s chilly but sunny. It will be a beautiful day.  For me, I’m sitting by the fire, enjoying the early morning quiet.

This morning’s post is about the rough draft. I’ve had the rough draft completed and turned into my editor for a week. I haven’t looked at the rough draft since I handed it over. But it has work to be done. I want to embellish on the story, add several elements to help bring his story alive, but I had to step back.

What do I mean by step back? Well, it’s simple. During the writing process sometimes we get too close to a project, then get burnt out. For some reason, the story started slipping away. I still had the bare bones, but the flesh and all the other things that make it a whole story seemed to go out of my brain. I had to step away from it.

Now, I think I’m almost ready to step back into the story. Of course, I’m in the middle of Maggie’s story, but it helps to get into another story to get the one that slipped away back into your brain. It’s still a little foggy, but I think I’ll do fine.

Have you ever had to step back in order to get the story going?

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


4 thoughts on “Stepping back …

  1. Stephanie, I feel your pain. I step back a lot–wait to hear back from betas–proceed cautiously and then step back again. I wrote about my endless revision process on The Write Stuff a week ago. It’s never easy trying to produce the best work we can. It’s never perfect, no matter how hard we try. Eventually, we must step away…and let it go. Best of luck with your rewrites! 🙂

  2. I do step back; at least I used to until I faced the block and stopped writing altogether. Do you go through tough times like those when you have the screen blank in front of you, just as blank as your mind? What do you do then? XX

    1. Oh yes, I have those moments often. Lately I’ve had them more and more. As I strive to finish the Five Oaks Series this year, it’s put me in a tail spin, but I’m trying to push past it. Every time the block stands in front of me, I step back and work on another manuscript, or even draw up an outline for an upcoming work. Remember that you’re a writer, you’ll get past the block and the inspiration will again spill into you… 🙂

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