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Ok, I know we’re busy writing the next big one, but have you considered taking a writing course. For the last six or more months, I’ve been taking a couple here and there. It’s been really enlightening. Actually, a couple of them made me rethink a couple of my works in progress to the point I rewrote several scenes.

What kind of courses, you ask? Well, I’ve taken one on Facebook advertising which was very helpful. Maybe you’re thinking, well that is too easy to need a course on, but no my friend, there’s a whole world of ways you can do your ad. I was amazed at the things I didn’t do with some of my former ads.

Then, of course, the marketing courses I listened to. I’ve been going about my marketing in the wrong direction. Who knew? Not me! Lately, I’ve been using some of the concepts I learned, like tags on my books, rewriting my blurbs, how I send out tweets and what I send out. Incredibly I’m seeing a positive upturn.

Then comes  the writing courses. These will make you sit up and think. I’ve learned so many ways to make my individual voice stand out. It’s amazing what you can learn about not using adverbs and how best to use commas. Yep, guilty as charged. Some of the writing techniques I learned from bestselling authors has made my daily writing so much more productive.

So, have you tried a writing course lately? All of the one’s I’ve sat through online were free and by bestselling authors. As with many things today, some of them only give you an introduction, then want money for the more advanced courses. I’ve used what I learned from the introductions and put them to good use.

As always Great Writing and May God Bless You!


6 thoughts on “Writing Courses…

  1. Were any of the courses by Kristen Lamb? Oh, I love her, she enlightened me a lot. Not only that, actually, but also her theories (and practices) suit who I am so well. They seem to be tailored for me, because I resented some of the marketing I saw out there (not book marketing, but aggressive, intrusive, raping marketing of companies that believe themselves the masters out there).

  2. I like Kristen’s advice too, I follow her blog. I also like Rayne Hall’s writers craft books, I bought 3 at the weekend, they were only 99p each. One on getting book reviews, one on the use of Euphonics for writers, it was about touching the reader’s sub-conscious via words to influence how you make a reader feel. The third book, which I will read soon was about writing deep POV. In the past I liked her word loss diet and why does my book not sell? Her books are like mini workshops.

  3. I’ve taken many writing courses over the years and taught several classes myself. I enjoy writing in deep POV; it means finding other ways to show a reader what a character is thinking and feeling without using telltale words such as “wondered, thought, felt.” Alliteration and consonance make words sound more pleasing. Writing poetry can enhance one’s euphonic abilities. For me, no matter how much material I cut from my books, I can always find more to condense or combine. I’m constantly revising my work–trying to improve and grow as a writer. I welcome the challenge!

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