Sunday morning thoughts…

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As I sit here sipping my coffee, waiting to dress for Church, I need to be working on my latest WIP, but this morning, just thinking about it is enough. Then my thoughts went to my two pirates. With a full publishing schedule through the end of the year, writing another pirate book is not on that list, but what if…

So, what does this mean, well, it means that if the pirate that’s niggling my writer brain wants to come out, I’ll have to work really hard to squeeze him in. As always, I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll finish one of my projects early, then I’ll start a new pirate romance. My fans seem to fall in love with my pirates, so I have exciting news for my pirating loving friends. These two pirates will be coming out in one book soon, really soon and here’s the cover for that book union.

Full Cover

Yeah, I’m loving this cover for the series compilation. It’s so gorgeous! So, for my fans that love my two favorite pirates, here’s a special edition.

I hope you enjoy your Sunday. Go out and do something fun.

As always, great writing and May god Bless You…



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