Sunday Morning Reflections…

Zee Monodee

Yeah, I wish I was sitting here right now, but I’m not. Here in Georgia, it’s really hot and humid, which means you go outside for just a few minutes and you feel sticky. So, I choose to stay in as much as possible.

SO, on to today’s post. I’m working on the last book in my ‘Lean on Him’ series and it’s hard. As a writer, I become comfortable with my characters and my series. Although most of this series doesn’t contain the same characters, but it does contain the same message about Faith and how it can heal you. This one is like a soul searching piece of work and sometimes when we dig too deep, it reveals something about us.

Have you ever written a manuscript and it made you think, really think? I love when a manuscript touches your heart. That means it will touch the reader and that makes me smile.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and stay cool.

As always, good writing and May God Bless you…




6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Reflections…

  1. Count me among those who write, in part, as a way to think — really think, as you say. But the first draft is only the beginning. The depth emerges in the revisions, looking for what’s hidden beneath a word or concept or considering alternatives to what had seemed so obvious. Sometimes it’s like watching a seed turn into a flowering plant.
    And then there are those epiphanies when the characters start talking to you as you write. That happened to me with Wendy, the pastor’s wife, in my novel “Promise.”

  2. Thanks for your heartening post, Stephanie. I recently read a blog touting the popularity of pulp fiction, a trend I find depressing. Apparently, meaningful stories are no longer desirable. Readers prefer mean and lean; “thrillers, no fillers.”

    Faith, hope, and love are the cornerstones of all my books. Boring? Perhaps…but I have to write what’s in my heart, not what’s trending.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I would love to be sitting in that chair, too! I write women’s fiction and base my stories on true life events so I agree with Linda’s comment. I wonder if people read pulp fiction to avoid what is happening in the real world?

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