Good Monday morning! Hope you had a restful weekend… The topic of today, Romance. There are so many facets of romance that it boggles the mind, but I want to talk about something I read the other day that quite frankly made me giggle… so here goes…

I was reading a writing post and someone chimed in with a comment on romance writers. She said, ‘Why do romance writer’s write about romance as though it’s  an achievable goal; when in fact, romance is a myth?’

I know… GASP!!!!! When I read this I sat back and sighed. Romance is not a myth! For one thing, romance should be a goal in your relationship with your significant other. I have romance in my marriage. For example, at the moment, my husband is building me a farm table for my dining room. It’s the most romantic gesture because he knew I wanted one, so he’s making it happen.

Now, I do agree that as romance writer’s we do embellish, but that’s for the entertainment of our readers. If we just wrote a book about everyday life and included no extraordinary romance in it, would we keep our readers? I know that, personally, when I pick up a romance, I want to be wooed by the romance that spills from the authors words. A frilly romance can put a smile on your face.

You can get lost in the romance of a book. The unreal aspects of books are what makes them so much fun to read. But folks, romance is real. It doesn’t have to be wine and roses every day. It can simply be a look across the table or holding hands for no reason.

So, give me your thoughts…

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

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2 thoughts on “Romance…

  1. Great post, Steph! I’d have a lot to say on the subject. The romance I write is the romance I want, quite bluntly, and it’s based on my own crushes and how I would’ve wanted them to feel about me. True, I write quite some dark romance (dark only in the beginning, hero does go Edward Cullen in the end, always) so some might jump at me that I want to be treated poorly. No way! It’s just that I love bad boys and seeing them go crazy about my heroines, but it’s always a process. As I said, I could write volumes on this one. But, bottom line is, the kind of romance I write (about eternal infatuation at the core) is the kind of romance I wish for myself.

    1. Thanks! I love this response. As always, you’ve gotten straight to the heart of the reaction. Everyone writes romance that’s usually based on what they’d like to experience, or for that matter have experienced. Romance is alive and well, but some thing it’s a lost art. At least we know it’s not. I love to read about bad boys that go crazy for their heroine, it makes them human 😉
      Have a wonderful day!

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