Tears of Remembrance…

As I ponder this day of remembrance, the tears prick my eyes. We still have so many men and women serving in war torn countries today. They’re still in harms way so that we can sit at our laptops and blog, tweet, or just do anything we want to. My heart goes out to the parents, spouses, and children here at home wondering where their loved one is at this very moment. Are they safe? Are they hurt? When will they come home?

I was at my son’s school one day this week and they were having a Veteran’s Day celebration. Pictures lined the walls of the lobby. Some were old and faded, others were current day. They were of military men and women. I walked slowly by each one, reading their information. I stopped at one that I was drawn to. It was of a young man that was killed about six months ago in Afghanistan. He was such a handsome young man, with a family and small children. I felt the tear that threatened to spill at the corner of my eyes. I feel it now as I write this post. My heart was so full of anger, sorrow, emptiness. I could hardly breath.

I turned to see my son coming up the hall and I took a startled breath. He will be of age in five years. Where will our world be then. Will he be called up to duty? The tears that threatened to spill burst forth. I hugged my son and thanked God that he was safe. Of course my son thought I’d lost it. He turned to the photo I was looking at and sighed. He felt the pain too.

So remember our men and women serving now for our freedom. Remember those that have died through all these years to keep our freedom in tact. Respect those that are home, but served their time. It’s because of them that we have what we do and we can go to Church on Sunday, we can go to the store without fear, we can walk up our sidewalks without fear and we can live when they may not…

So just remember…

Somber day in America!


This is a day to remember those that lost their lives 11 years ago. I remember exactly what I was doing that day. I was so excited because I had moved into my new home office that was separate from the house the day before. My son was only two. We were watching “Little Bear” and my aunt called to tell me to turn the tv on the news.

I remember sitting there holding my son crying for those poor people. I looked down at my son and thought, he will never see the world that was before 9/11/01. It will be forever changed in this one moment in time. I was right. Somehow I managed to keep him calm, but my heart was aching.

This is for all of those that lost someone on that tragic day. Freedom will always ring true, love will stay in your heart, and justice will be served, either on this earth, but mostly at the feet of our Savior. May God bless and keep you.