Celebrating 19 years with my hubby…

You heard right. Yes in this world of divorce and short marriages, my husband and I are celebrating our 19th Anniversary today. We have kept the romance alive. It’s hard to believe we’ve been together for 19 years. Wow, overwhelming.

Too bad we both have to work today. It would’ve been nice to spend the day together, but life goes on. We’ll probably treat ourselves to a nice dinner out tonight. 

We don’t take our marriage lightly. I talked with a friend yesterday that said her daughter was getting a divorce after only a little over a year. What’s up with people today? Don’t get me wrong, I know that some circumstances are hard to overcome and work through, but I’ve heard so many people say they just got tired of being married. Really! Marriage is work and you have to constantly work at it. It’s not a piece of cake and even the best of marriages have to be worked at. 

So, hope everyone is finding romance and love today. Do the little things that just say ‘Hey I Love You’. It makes a difference.

As always, good writing, great romance and May God Bless You…