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Options? Turns? Which Way to Go?

In life we have several options. Do we go this way? Do we go that way? It’s funny how curvy the road is in life when we could make it straight and narrow.

In my life I’ve chosen some pretty curvy roads and ignored the straight, less stressful road.That’s what makes life interesting some say and others say that’s where you go wrong.

As for me I’ve done things I’m not proud of, well, who hasn’t. I’ve made decisions that I’ll regret for the rest of my life, who hasn’t done that either. But it’s how you change the turn in those roads that makes you who you are. 

One thing I’ve done is take on a second career which is writing. My grandfather always wanted me to be a writer. He always said I’d be a famous Journalist and he’d read my stories in the Atlanta Journal on Sunday mornings. Well, I did finally publish my writing, but in novels not papers. I’m sure he’s smiling down from Heaven. Oh, and I’m no where near famous 🙂

As for decisions I’ve made. Some are changeable and others you just have to forget and move on. I’ve put a lot of my past and life lessons in my novels. Have fun trying to figure that one out? There are some from my past that know what I mean and others that sit back and wonder. Well, I’ll never tell 🙂 Mystery is the privilege of a writer and the fun. It also adds to the stories that come from my head.

As for my newest turn in life, the release of my new novel “Rekindled Flame” is going well. I’m so excited about the response. Go over to Goodreads and check out my giveaway at Also, I’ve joined the Independent Author Network and have seen results in just one day. Go over and check out my author page at

Now I’m through rambling. As always good writing and May God Bless You!