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Bragging Rights…

I usually don’t post directly about my family, but I was reminded last night again how lucky I am to have a wonderful son. I hear a lot of parents complaining about their teenagers. I’m not saying my son is perfect, but he’s close (in my eyes).

His life started out pretty rough. He was a twin, but his twin never developed past a blip on the sonogram screen. We were lucky they were in separate membranes. Well, that started the doctors putting me off my feet and on steroids to build him up. He was my miracle baby because he beat the odds and won.

He is an only child because I could not have any more children. Sometimes it bothers me that he doesn’t have someone other than me and his dad to entertain him, but he’s a trooper. He loves to fish and hunt. He participates in the 4-H Shotgun team and went to State this year. He did awesome shooting 22 out of 25. He is a country boy all the way.

He is also the Video Ministry leader at our Church. He is only 13, but he’s so mature and responsible for his age. He had two adults that work under him. It makes me so proud. He also works in the nursery. All the babies love him.

Last night I was tired so I got in a bubble bath with my Kindle for some relaxation. I was going to load the dishwasher when I got out, but my wonderful son took care of it while I was relaxing with a good book. He does things for me all the time to help out. Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t go “Teenager Attitude” some, but not much. I just give him the look and he knows it’s time to calm down.

So, parents, look at your child and be proud. They are our future, so train them up to be great.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You! Oh, and IT’S FRIDAY!