Summer’s almost over, Bring on Autumn!

Well, it’s official, Labor Day weekend is here. I always feel this refreshing giddiness during Labor Day weekend. I look forward to the crisp Autumn air and the beautiful palette of colors that God uses to color the many trees in front of my house. Case in point, picture above is front yard last fall. I always feel good, knowing the hot, humid southern summer is almost over. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer too, but after two months of 1oo degree days, bring on Autumn!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year. There are so many festivals and fairs to attend. There’s the annual trip to the North Georgia Mountains. Also, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. My favorite time of year! I walked in the grocery store this week and was assailed with the scent of cinnamon. It took me to another time and place. I was suddenly humming “Jingle Bells”. My son just looked at me and laughed. Then he told me to hum quietly, someone might hear me.I obliged since he is not feeling well. He is coming down with a dreaded summer cold, as am I. Good thing it will be a three day weekend

With this renewal of spirit, I plan to have a write-a-thon this weekend. I have set a goal to finish one of the manuscripts I am working on. It is lovingly entitled “New Book” and no I am not leaving it named that. I hope the name will come to me as it progresses. This is one of those books that just keeps evolving with every chapter. It will be the longest novel I have written so far. I was surprised when I actually looked at the page count. I am already at 125 pages and nowhere near the climax or the ending.

My assistant is busily working on my 4th video trailer. She has promised to strangle me if I work on one of my other manuscripts in process. I am excited about this new book. Hopefully by Monday afternoon I will have a completed manuscript, ready for editing and cover design.

So, Happy Labor Day to all! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and for those of you from other countries, go ahead and consider yourself honorary Americans and take the weekend to enjoy life!


Shameless post for the week!! Sorry!!!


Ok, so here is my shameless blog for the week. I have 4 books in publication now. (Grinning widely, with much fear in the background). I would love to hear some feedback or reviews. I have gotten some really nice reviews, thanks by the way, and only one review that was not exactly the best, but he admitted that romance was not his genre, so I took him at his word. 

So here are the links where they can be found, if anybody is even remotely interested. (Fingers crossed).

I tried to make it simple with these links! Come on give it a whirl!


Ghost Lover can be found at the following locations:



Moonbeam & Roses can be found at:



Tender Flames can be found at:    (Free on Smashwords)


With All My Heart… Can be found at:                                                                                                     (Free on Smashwords)

Character Analogy through my eyes!

Character Analogy!

Writing in a good character is sometimes the nemesis of writing. (To me that is!) When I sit down with a story in mind, sometimes the main character is unknown to me. I have to figure out how this character will evolve in the story.

First, I try to get a hold on the timeline that the story will tell. Will this be a story that takes place over years or just months or maybe even a couple of days. That tells me a lot about the age of the characters.

Second, Attitude,Attitude, What kind of attitude will the main character have? Will he or she be a real humble, quiet person or will they be sassy and noisy?

Third, Looks! Very important in a character, to me that is. When I read a book I like to be able to picture the person as the story unfolds. It helps make the story come alive in the readers mind and in the writers mind.

Fourth, Location. Will this be in a cold wintery setting, warm southern climate, or will it go many places. also important to make sure you put as much detail in your surroundings as possible without getting long winded. Why do I put this is my character analogy? Well, you need to know where the person is from, this makes up the character themselves. If they live in Montana, Georgia, Europe, or elsewhere, this could make the story turn differently and have a different feel. You usually don’t find a beach bunny or bum in Montana! (Smiling)

Fifth,  Will your main character stay the same or will they change when the story evolves?

Sixth, the dreaded name of the character. Sometimes the name is automatic when the story comes through my head, but keep in mind the time period you are writing in and the names that would have been used.  Sometimes that sets the tone.

I know this may not be the way most writers see their characters, but this helps me to make a connection with the person that will consume my thoughts and musings until the book is finished. I just hope it helps others while struggling with their characters bio.

  Well, here …


Well, here it is. I have had some faithful followers ask for more info on me. I have a hard time talking about me as a person.  So here goes, and remember you asked, so…

I currently live in Georgia (USA). I am married and I have a 13 year old son. I also have a 26 yr old step daughter, 19 yr old step son, and a 5 yr old step grandson. Never a dull moment around our house.

I have been an accountant for over 20 years and have owned my own accounting firm for 15 years. I know what you are wondering, “When do you have time to write?” Well, I write in the mornings after my son gets on the bus and at night when my husband snores on the couch and my son sleeps.

I am also a Children’s Minister at my Church. This has been a wild ride. If you have never worked with children, you need to try it. I enjoy every minute of it. My Faith is A very important part of my life.

Well, as for me, personally, I am a patient person. My doctor laughs when he checks My blood pressure, he says, “Usually Accountants have high blood pressure”, Then rolls his eyes. My husband says sometimes I am too calm. (Smiling) This annoys him sometimes.

I have been reading romance novels since I was a teenager. I had read several Harlequin and Sillouette books when I discovered Danielle Steele’s “Remembrance”, well I was lost then. I started reading that one every year.

My favorite old movie is “Gone With The Wind.” Come on people, I am a Georgia girl, what did you expect. I have so many new favorites that I can’t mention them all. I love “Ghost Hunters” and “Three and A Half Men”. I am hooked on “True Blood” which the season ended Sunday night and I am still in shock. I love horses and cowboys. I am a country girl so that it is, out in the opening.

I have written over 20 manuscripts. Well started is more like it. My assistant gets to read them and I love to leave her hanging on a pivotal scene. She threatens to strangle me often. I have published 4 of them since May. It has been a fun and nail biting ride. I am working on 4 new manuscripts now. Check out my 4 published works. I have received a couple of great reviews and I thank all that have reviewed them. Here is the list and they are all on Smashwords and Amazon.

“Ghost Lover”

“Tender Flame” 1st in “Flames of Love” Series

“Moonbeam & Roses”

“With All My Heart…” 1st in “Lean On Him” Christian Series

So, as you can see, I am just a normal person with a abnormal obsession with writing the perfect romance novel. Like that is going to happen, but I can hope. I am not a perfectionist, so I know that will not happen. Hey, a person can dream and if you are a writer you are definitely a dreamer.

Whew! Now that is over. I am not one to talk about myself, just my work. Hope I did not bore you to tears.

Well, today starts out sad. Saying Goodbye to old friend!


Well, today’s blog entry starts out sad. Our family dog, “Misty”, which we have had for 13 years, she passed

Away in her sleep last night. We knew it was coming, but it still was not easy. We got her when she was a puppy and our

son was a baby. So basically they grew up together.
We have been struggling for months on what to do. She has been going down for a while, but every time we

would make up our mind to have her put to sleep, she would perk up and start playing and acting like a puppy. So

we would put it off again. Well, we have been praying that she would go quietly in her slumber and that is how it was.


The only thing now is to tell our son. I write in my books all the time about loss and grief. It comes easily at times when it is coming through the end of a pen or the clicking of keys, but not when you have to look at your son and tell him his

childhood friend is gone. We have been trying to prepare him for months. He called out to her this morning on the way to the bus stop and he told me “Mama, either she is sleeping really hard, or she has died.” Something told me that it was the latter.

So to all my blog friends, think of us as we have a very hard task this afternoon. Our son is a strong, but gentle person and

I know he will be ok.



Before I hit the bubble bath & a good book!

Well, it is Saturday night. I have worked some on one of the several books that I am currently

working on. I just downloaded a new book, “The Last Dance” by Wyatt McIntyre. Thought I would

give it a whirl. Sounds like a wonderful, heartfelt romance. I need one of those tonight.

Before I stick my toes in the warm, lavender bubbles, don’t forget to check out my 4 already published

novels on Smashwords and Amazon.

“With All My Heart…” and “Tender Flames” are both 1st editions to new series I have started. They are both free

for a while on Smashwords. Also “Ghost Lover” & “Moonbeam & Roses” are for sale too.

All four are now available in paperback through Amazon.

So, have a wonderful night and if you are in the mood for a little romance, check out my books. Especially if you like cowboys…

Revisit of old post – Something as simple as watering flowers!








This was a post from last August that brought about a lot of discussion. I recently sent it to another blog for a blast from the past and it stirred a need to repost.

Have you ever thought about the comparison of watering flowers and life? If you don’t water the flowers, they will die

without any rain. Life is that way. We have to constantly add something in our life to entertain ourselves. We have to have food and water to live.

Just as our writing, if you don’t keep watering your audience, eventually, unless you grow really famous, your audience goes down and you die. You have to water by blogging daily, adding yourself to every site imaginable, and tweeting til your fingers ache.

I was watering the above flowers last night and thought about that. Even with my faith which I take very seriously, I have to keep read up and prayed up. If you don’t stay focused you lose some momentum.

As I tell my son all the time regarding his dogs, if you don’t feed them they will starve to death. He always comes back with they will find something to eat mom! (Kids you gotta love um!).

Free on & yada yada

Man, you offer something free and people go crazy! But that is a good thing. I have received a couple of good reviews from my two free books offered on Smashwords. It has been crazy how the downloads have just multiplied.

Check them out, what can it hurt, they are free. Do you hear me FREE!

Now for the yada yada part!

My assistant reminded me yesterday that the new season of Ghost Hunters will start soon. That is great considering True Blood season ends this Sunday. SO Sad!!! Just finished watching the last in the new Dallas season. Can’t believe they brought it back, but really glad. I spent a nail biting summer several years ago waiting to see Who shot JR? (That ages me doesn’t it?) Some of you are probably saying JR who?

Spent most of the night listening to my son’s hermit crabs knocking their shells against their cage. My mind here lately has been on finishing the books I have started. Not good since I am an accountant and run a business helping others keep their business straight.

I am excited about the new books. My assistant is chomping at the bit for me to finish them. She has read what has been written on them and she said I leave her just dangling in the wind. Sorry Kaleigh!

Well, until my next post, have a blessed day and remember that God loves you no matter what!






With All My Heart….

Check out my new Christian Romance which is free right now on

Here is a little excerpt for you to chew on!

When she got home she unlocked the door and walked in. She did not lock the door behind her. She went to the kitchen to put her tea pot on. She turned and started up the hall to get her clothes ready. When she got halfway up the hall a hand grabbed her and pulled her back up the hall. She tried to turn around to see who it was. She started to scream and a hand covered her mouth. 
She struggled with all her strength, but the person who held on to her was too strong. She tried to bite the hand over her mouth, but he pressed even harder. She could taste blood on her lips. She could tell it was a man by his strength and his large hands.
He pushed her forward into her bedroom. She tried to turn around, but he held her tight against him. She brought her foot down hard on his foot. He grunted and pounded a fist into her shoulder. She cringed in pain. She could not believe this was happening to her. 
Then he pushed her down on the bed and when she turned to try to slide off the other side he hit her so hard that she saw stars. She tried to hold onto consciousness, but the blackness surrounded her. She said a prayer as the blackness took over.

Thanks for the Liebster Award Nomination!

I was honored this morning to be nominated by MelissaRSmith for the Liebster Award! Thanks so much.

The Liebster Award was created for bloggers to nominate other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

The rules are simple:
The person nominated answers 11 questions (which I’ve done below) that were asked by the person nominating them. Once that’s done, the person nominated posts 11 new questions and passes the award on to 11 fellow bloggers.

Melissa’s questions to me:

1. If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? 1:The world would be a better place to raise my teenage son. 2.) My books would make it to the New York Bestsellers list.(I can hope!) 3.) More people would find their faith and use it.

2. You have been given the power to make one person on earth immortal (besides yourself). Would you do it and if so, who would it be? Very complex question. I am not sure who I would make immortal. That can be a good thing and a bad thing to be immortal. I guess if I wanted someone to live forever it would be my son.

3. What is your favorite time of day and why? Twilight because it is so beautiful and you have time to reflect on your day.

4. If you could take something that’s currently legal right now and make it illegal, what would it be? Smoking, don’t get me wrong, I do not have a problem with smokers, just the lingering effects.

5. What’s the most frequently played song in your music collection? “Haunted” By: Evanescence

6. Why was the main purpose for starting your blog? Well, to give my books a platform in which to grow in popularity but now I enjoy reading and writing blogs.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world on an all expenses paid vacation, where would it be?

8. Name a book that you’ve read at least 3 times. “Remembrance” By Danielle Steele

9. Have you kept something special from your childhood? If so, what is it and why did you keep it? I have a music box that my grandfather gave me when I was a little girl. It is special because it was the last thing he gave me before he passed away from lung cancer.

10. What is your favorite subject to blog about? Other than my writing, I love to blog about my crazy life.

11. If you could describe your life right now in only two words, those words would be, ” Hectic” and “Blessed”.