Back to School Sale

Back to School sale

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Summer is almost over Sale!

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. My son starts back to school on Tuesday, that’s crazy. I love the freedom of summer, but I love the crisp air of Fall and the smell of fireplace smoke, boiled peanuts, pumpkin flavored everything, the beautiful leaves, well everything about Fall. 

Since Summer is almost over, I want to have a little sale on my books. My ebooks will be on sale on Amazon and my paperbacks will be on sale on my website. My Amazon page is at and my new author website is at The sales will go up tonight, should be available late today. 

Also, Horseshoe Publishing which is the publishing service I jointly own with my editor/cover designer/awesome assistant will be offering discounts on our services. We’ve added website design and setup to our services. My new website is one of our creations. All of my covers are designed through our service. 

Hope everyone is enjoying this day and smiling. A smile gives you joy and helps to set up the day as a positive one.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Monday morning cup…

It’s Monday morning and I definitely feel it. My weekend was a tiring adventure. We spent all day Saturday erecting the new play fort for the Children’s Ministry. Of course it was the hottest day in Georgia this summer. Let’s just say the water and gatorade was flowing. But after many hours of hot, sweaty, mind boggling instructions, we finished it. It looks great and the kids came in yesterday with huge smiles. That made it so worth it.

In my writing career I’ve been honored by a couple of magazines letting me write articles for them. I’ve been honored again by Southern Writer’s Magazine. I’m working on an article for their Nov/Dec issue and it’s going to be an instructional article. If you don’t subscribe to their magazine then you’re missing out. The magazine has some really good articles and their dedication to helping authors is amazing. They’ve been really supportive to this southern writer and I’m honored to help them with their magazine.

So as I sip my coffee adoringly this morning I’m thinking of the work at hand. Thursday I purchased the program Dragon Speak to help me with my rough drafts. If any of you have used this program then you know the frustration I had at first, but as I sat down last night determined to make it work, it just did. I just have to get used to talking instead of typing. I’m hoping it will help with the sore shoulders and neck from many days typing. I’ll keep you updated on how that works.

As for deadlines and upcoming books, Emma Rose is coming along well. I’m working on setting a deadline for it. I spent most of last week with my wonderful editor/partner/cover designer creating back covers for some of the books that have been out in Ebook edition, but not in paperback. The covers came out really well and I’m excited about their release.

My new website is up and running at, so if you get a change click over and let me know what you think. The publishing company I own with my partner, Horseshoe Publishing, is now creating websites. The possibilities are endless so if you’re looking for a creative website to showcase your work, just give us a shout.

As you can tell, my life has been busy, busy, busy the last couple of weeks. That’s why I’ve been a little away from my posts. But starting September 1st you’ll hear from me everyday of September. It’s time for Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour with my friend Rosie Amber. We have a awesome list of authors this year and I can’t wait to get it started. We’ve been working hard for two months getting the info from the authors and getting the posts set up and ready to go. Keep a watch out and help us get the word out each day.

So, sitting here writing this is keeping me from the work at hand. I could talk with you guys all morning, but Emma Rose is crying out to have another chapter under her belt. 

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


A Writer’s Brain…

A writer’s brain is a little different from just anyone’s brain. We have an extra chromosome or two in the ‘make it up’ zone of our brain. A writer’s brain is constantly thinking about the next scene in the book, the cover design, a character flaw, etc. You get the picture. Our brains are on overload most of the time.

For example: I road with my son to pick up breakfast yesterday. As we headed home with the breakfast and coffee my mind was reeling with storylines. Then the smell of the coffee hit me and my mind went to a whole different storyline. What’s up with that? 

Now, I’ve had several stories come into my head that didn’t really pan out. They kind of fizzled out after the first thought. But the problem with that is the story still roams around in my head trying to gain a little extra thought. One of those stories just recently went through my head and now it’s actually a finished book. “Safe in the Pirate’s Arms” was just one of those stories. I’ve been playing with the thought for a while, but it never really seemed to work itself out. Then one day it found it’s legs and my brain ran with it.

Again, I have to say a writer’s brain is a little different. One writer joked on social media the other day about someone that wronged her and she turned it around to a murder mystery. I had to giggle because as a writer we can take care of those people that bother us, but we do it differently. We take care of it through fiction, not action. It’s a way to get rid of it and go on to another story. Having a writer’s brain can be useful in that way, right?

The only problem is, some days my brain doesn’t go quiet at bedtime. I’ve spoken about this several times as it is a constant. But of course I do have writer’s block from time to time and would love to have those moments back. I had one of those moments on Saturday and if you follow my blog faithfully you know that’s one of my favorite times to write. I had it all scheduled out. I planned on getting Emma Rose fleshed out, but guess what, a wall of pain was erected and I spent the morning nursing a headache that refused to let creativity in. I did get in several romantic movies, I guess you could say I did research of sorts.

Do you have a writer’s brain? Can you look at something and a story unfolds? If so, put it in print. Get it out there, you never know, it could be the next big thing…

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Authors are like bees!

2560x1440 Wallpaper bee, flower, pollination, insect

Ok, I know you’re saying, now where is she going with that? Well, let me explain. I was watching a bumblebee buzzing around my flowers and I was thinking about the pollination process. If you think hard about it you’ll get where I’m going with this 🙂

As authors we start with the seed that grows into a flower which of course is our book. Once we’ve completed our work of art we start spreading it everywhere. Then of course other authors or bees in this analogy, spread it to other places and so on and so on. Are you getting the picture?

Of course we do want to make sure to cross pollinate too. We need to work together as authors and helps other authors promote. It’s a win, win. Have you noticed that we do a lot of promoting on other authors sites and them on ours? I was asked by a non writer once why we do that and I laughed. I told them it may sound crazy, but it still gets our name out there.

We all have followers that read what we post. Then of course if we recommend a book they’ll go over and check it out, then also when we cross pollinate, the original author gets more views from the other authors followers. It may sound confusing, but it’s really quite simple. It’s like a pyramid, but legal. 

So, have you cross pollinated lately? Don’t forget about Romancing September Across The World will start Septemeber 1st. I’ll be posting more in the next week regarding it. But I’ll tell you this, we’ve got 30 awesome authors involved and it’s going to be a great chance to do some pollinating, ummm…. you know what I mean, sharing 🙂

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

For more info:

Also, the countdown is getting close for Safe In The Pirate’s Arms…

Mid Week Snippet!

With Safe in the Pirate’s Arms coming out in 2 days, I thought I’d tease you a little bit. You know me, I have to let you in on the fun! I will say this, writing a Pirate Romance was so much fun that guess what, no wait should I tell you this yet? Hmmmm…. ok you pulled my leg, be looking for another installment coming over the horizon. Watch for it. It will sail into book sites in the near future, but for now, here’s a snippet of Caleb & Serena’s story:

Pacing the quarters that were quickly shrinking, she finally walked over to the door. She placed her ear on the door to see if anyone was near. When she heard nothing, she quietly opened the door. Slowly she stepped out of the cabin. The sea air felt wonderful on her face.

Closing her eyes she let it blow over her body and through her hair. The smell was heavenly and made her long to be up on deck. She leaned over the railing and looked down at the water rippling and splashing on the side of the huge ship.

So caught up in her view, she didn’t hear Caleb coming up the walkway. He couldn’t believe she was already disobeying him. She was caught off guard when he pulled her quickly into his quarters. The anger in his eyes told her that this would cost her freedom.

“Do you even have a thought to your safety? Am I the only one concerned with it?” He thrust her toward the bed and stood over her. “I left you untied because I wanted to give you a chance to walk around and for your wrists to heal.”

“I’m sorry, but I just can’t stay cooped up in here. It’s stuffy and warm.” She indicated the sweat on her brow.

He walked over to the door and contemplated what to do with this woman. She’d disobeyed his orders. What if his men would’ve seen her? Rolling his eyes he turned to look down at her. “If you’ll stay in here until after the men go to sleep, I’ll take you up on deck.” He put his hands on his hips. “Can you handle that?” What was she doing to his control?

She meekly looked up at him from under her lowered lashes. “I’ll stay right here.” She was excited about going up on deck to see the stars overhead. They were always brighter out at sea.

“I’ll be back in a bit with dinner, so you’d better be right here. Do you understand?” He talked to her as if she was a child.

“I’m not a child.” She huffed out.

“Then don’t make me treat you like one.” He said and walked back out the door. By the time he stepped back on deck he was smiling. Things were not going to get boring with her on board. He whistled as he stepped up to take the wheel from Tom.

Tom grinned at his friends light mood. “Well how’s the prisoner?”

Caleb cut a hard look at him. “She’s not a prisoner and she’s the most stubborn woman I’ve ever dealt with.” He growled out.

“Well, most women that are brave usually have a stubborn streak. And she’s definitely brave.” He shook his head and laughed. “I’ve never known many women who’d want to sneak on a pirate ship.”

Safe in the pirate's armsFront Cover

That was just a little dangling bait to wet your senses. It’s a powerful book that takes you on a journey across the sea and back. Don’t forget, it’s coming Friday!

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

New Website and Release date finalized!

It’s been a very productive past couple of days. I have a new website that features buy links for my paperbacks and it’s pretty neat. You can go over and visit at

Also this is something that Horseshoe Publishing does. We offer website design and set up. Also at competitive rates. Just wanted to throw that in there.

The other big news is that “Safe In The Pirate’s Arms” official release date is Friday, August 15th. Yep that’s this Friday. I’m excited that it’s so soon, I’d thought it might me next week. Of course my new website has a countdown to the minute, but you know how these book sites are. It could go up a little earlier, but that’s the approximate time. 

I hope everyone is having an awesome week so far. As for me, it’s been great and I’m working on Emma. The countdown to release is coming up. Then on to the new series. Yikes, deadlines! Yep, I love being a writer.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Back from vacation with news!!!

First off, I’ve missed being around for the last week. Of course the place we stayed had WIFI, but it was weak and wouldn’t connect so it gave me lots of free time. I had a great time spending some quality time with my hubby and son. We went to the beach for several days and it was glorious. 

I’m a thinker. I love to think out my stories before I start them on paper or my laptop. Well, on the way home, which is over a five hour drive, I had time to think and guess what? Some of you that have been following me for a while probably guessed, but I have a new series coming this Fall. I’ll tell you a little about it later, but suffice it to say I have already had the covers designed and the outlines drawn up. It was a long drive ok!

I have an exciting update on Safe In the Pirate’s Arms. It’s on the home stretch and coming out really soon. I’ll be announcing a release date tomorrow and will have some fun trivia about Pirates. You never know, I might even give away a couple of copies. I’m very pleased with this book as it’s progressed. SInce it’s a step away from my usual Cowboy romances it was fun. By the way, it’s not the last you’ll see of these Pirates 😉

An update on Emma is now available. I’m working on it in depth. If you’ve never written a historical romance, it’s hard keeping things in the right order. I keep having to go back and forth between timelines to make sure I keep the historical part straight. I don’t want the end of the Civil War to come before Sherman marches across Georgia. It would just be weird and so wrong. I know I’d receive some really nasty comments in the reviews. So that’s why Emma is taking a little longer, but I can tell you that it will be coming soon on the heals of my Pirate romance. 

Ok, back to my new series that’s coming in the Fall. It’s called “Five Oaks Ranch” and each book is about one of the 4 sons and 1 daughter. There will of course be five books. The first book is “Ridge” and it’s a interesting story that will have you wondering what will happen next. So stay tuned for more updates on that.

It’s good to be back in touch with all my wonderful cyber friends and my fans that sent me the sweetest messages while I was away. Love all of you…

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Friday! Friday! Friday!

If you haven’t realized it yet, it’s Friday. This has been the longest week. Since I’m closing my office for a week and taking a much needed vacation, time has slowed to a crawl. I plan to write, write and write some more. I just hope my plans come to life. 

Do you have plans for the weekend? You should. Even if it’s just heading to the park and having a picnic. Don’t let life fly by you and then you get to the point to where you say “I should have…”. I’ve done that myself for so long. I’d put off trips and just plain out put off doing things that were different. I guess you could say I’m like a hermit. Especially since I’ve been writing and publishing my books, I’ve been attached to my laptop. 

I just hope that we have WIFI so that I can stay up to date with my social media. But if not,,, I’ll just have the nervous jitters for several days. No, not really, I’ll be alright. I might actually get some writing in if I don’t have distractions. I plan on sitting on the beach and writing. What better place to write a Pirate romance than to be sitting facing the ocean, smelling the sea air and hearing the seagulls. Yeah, I’m siked! 

It’s so funny, I bought this really cool laptop bag that doubles as a beach bag. My son just groaned and tried to put the bag back on the hook at the store. I promptly told him that both him and his dad will be fishing a lot, so mama will be writing or reading. I promised that I would turn it off for a lot of family time, so that made him happy. He’s fifteen, so I know in three years he’ll go to college 😦 I have to put in a lot of mama and Hunter time.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll post some picks next week of my vacation. 

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…