Free on & yada yada

Man, you offer something free and people go crazy! But that is a good thing. I have received a couple of good reviews from my two free books offered on Smashwords. It has been crazy how the downloads have just multiplied.

Check them out, what can it hurt, they are free. Do you hear me FREE!

Now for the yada yada part!

My assistant reminded me yesterday that the new season of Ghost Hunters will start soon. That is great considering True Blood season ends this Sunday. SO Sad!!! Just finished watching the last in the new Dallas season. Can’t believe they brought it back, but really glad. I spent a nail biting summer several years ago waiting to see Who shot JR? (That ages me doesn’t it?) Some of you are probably saying JR who?

Spent most of the night listening to my son’s hermit crabs knocking their shells against their cage. My mind here lately has been on finishing the books I have started. Not good since I am an accountant and run a business helping others keep their business straight.

I am excited about the new books. My assistant is chomping at the bit for me to finish them. She has read what has been written on them and she said I leave her just dangling in the wind. Sorry Kaleigh!

Well, until my next post, have a blessed day and remember that God loves you no matter what!






One thought on “Free on & yada yada

  1. I am dangling in the wind!! But the books you already have are so good. (: I can’t wait to read the end of EVERY BOOK YOU HAVE STARTED!! (:

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