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Friday Afternoon Smiles

It’s finally Friday afternoon. Almost time to close the office. And it’s a 3 day weekend for most people. Since I’m an accountant and tax season is upon us, I don’t get the 3 day weekend. But, it’s all good!

Hope you all have a great weekend and be safe!

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Get that Friday feeling…


Hey guys! It’s Friday and I’m feeling great. For a while, I’ve been so sluggish and my mind’s been foggy, but now, well, I’m back to feeling great. I followed the advice of my sister in law and started a new healthy regimen. I also started using Thrive, which has jumpstarted my energy. My writing brain is back in the game and I’ve been hitting my word counts again.

Since I have my writing back, I have several exciting things coming down the pipe. One is my upcoming Christmas book release, “Hideaway Lane”.  So, in honor of my renewed energy and excitement, here’s a peek at the cover!

Hideaway Lane Cover