Our job as an author…


Good morning! It’s Monday morning and I’m ready for a productive week. Of course, my hubby is on vacation this week, so I’ll get to see him a lot, which is a great thing.

So, as an author, what are we trying to accomplish? I’m not talking about earning money, I’m talking about with our words.

Here are my top five things I try to accomplish with the words that come from my heart…

1: First and foremost, I want to entertain my reader. I want my ready to enjoy what I write and to want more of it. I want them to smile, laugh and cry when they read my work.

2: I want my readers to be taken away to another world. With Tuscany, I wanted to make them feel like they were in Italy. I wanted them to feel the warm Mediterranean breeze on their face. With my Christmas books, I want this to smell the Christmas spices, to feel the joy of the season and to feel the cold of the snow all around them.

3: My readers should feel what my characters feel. I want them to feel the happiness, the sorrow, and the anger.

4: With the romance, I want my readers to get lost in it. I want them to experience the romance of the story. So many people tell me that they haven’t ever had true romance, so I want them to feel it with every book they read of mine.

5: And finally, this is what every writer should aspire to do and that’s to take your reader to another realm of reality. Whether you write romance, mystery or horror, you should strive to take away the everyday troubles of your reader. Help them get lost in another world, if only for an hour. But help them forget everything but the characters and stories that are within the covers of your work.

So, what do you want to accomplish with your writing?

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

From Tuscany & Beyond…



Good Wednesday morning! Sorry, it’s been a little while since my last post. As most of you know, I’m an accountant, so this is my busy busy busy season! Not to mention I have a couple of writing deadlines, yes, I’m a glutton for punishment.

With Tuscany, I stepped out and took a chance. This book pulled at me like no other. I could see it being destined to do well. First step, I entered it into the Harlequin ‘So You Think You Can Write’ contest, with fingers crossed and anything else that would cross. It made it to the Top 55 of over 950 books. Yes, I did a happy dance and screamed. Even though it didn’t get any further, I knew it could go the distance.

Then, I decided to pitch it to Solstice Publishing, hoping they’d see what I saw and within 48 hours I had a lovely email from the editor. I’d sold Tuscany to Solstice and they wanted it. As most of you know, I’ve published 30 books, but this is the only one with a publisher other than myself. I’ve loved everything about the experience and wouldn’t change a thing. Solstice took Tuscany to news heights.

My dream for Tuscany is to see it one day make it into the hands of Hallmark Channel, but what romance author doesn’t dream of that. So, for now, I’ll keep typing away and dreaming of the day that it happens…

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

#amwriting…Beautiful morning!


What a beautiful morning in Georgia! It may be Monday, but it feels good. I’m coming off a new release weekend full of tweets, posts, interviews, etc, so I’m feeling pretty good.

This morning I’m working on the last book in the Women of Magnolia Hill Saga. It’s sad, but true. Since this historical romance saga is based in my beloved Georgia, I’ll be sad to see it finished. But it’s time to move forward.

Now that Tuscany is out and Highlander’s Heart is on the heels of releasing, it’s time to work on upcoming manuscripts. I have some exciting projects coming up, one for Autumn and one for Christmas, but I’ll keep you posted on the progress. Also, coming up will be a couple of cover releases and blurbs to give you just a tidbit of what’s up in my writing world.

Before I leave you to slip back into my own little world of #amwriting, I’ll leave you with a snippet from Tuscany: (This excerpt is from the journal that led Lana to Tuscany)

July 15, 1970

Last night Angel climbed the trellis to my balcony and woke me. He said we could be married by his uncle in town. So I made the decision to choose the man I love over my family. I’ll never look back but only forward as I start my life as Angel Tolino’s wife.

I love the journal entries that are featured in this book. They take you back in time. It’s a special part of Tuscany!

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


Tuscany is coming…Official Release


This is one happy author this morning! Tuscany which was contracted with Solstice publishing will officially release September 30th! To say I’m excited doesn’t even touch the pounding of my heart this morning.

Tuscany has been such a special book for me. It carried me to the top 55 of Harlequins So You Think You Can Write contest and now it’s about to be published by Solstice! Something happened to me as I wrote this book, I grew as a writer. I stepped out of my box and pushed the international envelope, carrying the writer to Tuscany, Italy in this sweet romance. I can’t wait for everyone to fall in love with Lana and Romeo!

I’ll be posting more as the links are available, but save the date, September 30th! To say I’ll be blowing social media up that day is an understatement.

So, here’s to good writing and May God bless You…


tuscany front coverIf you haven’t figured it out yet by all my reminders, I’ve entered a new manuscript in Harlequins So You Think You Can Write contest. This book is a new concept for me as it’s based across the world and it’s not a western type theme. I’m enjoying this one so much.

I’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany and through my writing and research I’m there. It’s a magical time for me as I write this book and explore the country in my dreams. I’ve learned so much about their customs, foods and the olive oil industry I could probably start one here. Amazing what a writer learns when doing research. I want to share some with you now, but please if you get a chance run, don’t walk over to Wattpad at the link https://www.wattpad.com/myworks/48304085-tuscany and view then vote on each segment of the story. The more votes the better chance I have.

I’ve entered this contest before and happily made it to the second round, which made me do a happy dance. So if you like Italian books or Italian anything oh yeah and romance, come by and check it out….

Roberto put his arm around his wife lovingly, as she reached up to place her hand over his. It was evident that their love was part of this place too. Lana wondered longingly if she’d find a love like that here. Then shaking her head, things like that didn’t happen for her. She stood up and walked over to the edge of the veranda, looking out over the olive grove as the sun slowly set. The colors were vibrant as they went from lavender to light pink.
She watched it until the colors faded into the night sky. Romeo walked up beside her, placing his hands on the wrought iron railing. “It’s like Heaven is showing off every night.”
“I’ve never seen such beauty in nature as I have here. It’s like I’ve stepped into another world.” Closing her eyes as the emotions of the evening took over.
“It is another world Lana. This is Tuscany at it’s finest. There’s not another place on earth like it.” The pride in his voice was evident.
“I’m glad to be a part of it, although it’s a small part.” Wrapping her arms around herself as a feeling of something she couldn’t quite put her hand on, but she knew it was something bad, passed over her. “Is everything alright at the mill?”
He spun around quickly, “Why would you ask such a thing?”
Putting up her hands in defense, “Sorry I asked, but I just noticed you were a little upset when you saw that woman in the plant earlier.”
Romeo ran his fingers through his dark, long hair. “It was nothing to worry about, just a nosy employee.”
“It looked like more than that to me.”
“Look lady, I’ve been taking care of this place for a long time. If there’s a problem I’ll take care of it, not you. Are we clear on that?” She could feel his breath on her face as he roared in anger.
“Don’t get a wrinkle in your toes, I was just asking a question.”
He turned and walked down the path toward the pool. For some reason she rubbed him the wrong way, but why? All she’d done was ask a question and he’d blown a fuse.
Marianna walked up to stand beside her. “Overlook my grandson. He’s a little protective of this place.”
“I’ve noticed.” Lana said with a slight frown as she looked in the direction he went. “But shouldn’t we work together, not against one another.”
“Moo Caro, he thinks you’re here to change things and that makes him agitated.” She put her hand on Lana’s shoulder, “He’s a passionate man, but deep down Romeo is a softy.” The older woman smiled and looked up toward Heaven. The smile broadened as she thought about the two young people. Maybe something would come of it.
“I look forward to meeting that side of him.” Lana said as she closed her eyes. Would he trust her one day?

Hope you enjoyed just a tidbit of the stormy relationship between Lana and Romeo. Don’t forget to check out the new chapters on Wattpad. Also check out the Romancing September Across the World Blog Tour every day of September.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…