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Have you got a character you don’t like?

When you’re a writer you get the chance to meet many characters through your books. Sometimes the characters leave a lasting memory on you. I’ve fell in love with  many of my characters. Wes in “Moonbeam and Roses”, Jared in “Ghost Lover, and  Drake in “Open the Heart” just to name a couple of them. It’s amazing the way characters in your writing get in your heart.

But then there are the characters that you love to hate. Those are the characters fans tell you they don’t like which is exactly the point to their bad ways. Take for instance Thomas in “Ghost Lover”. He’s a real snake in the grass. He’s handsome and tries to make everyone including Jess think he’s a wonderful man. But his true colors start to show when Jared comes into the picture to still Jess’s heart. He does everything including attempted murder to get her to love him. 

Oh, then there’s Ty in “A Love Never Lost”. He uses his wealth and horse ranch to woo Lilly. But he is obsessed, not in love. He resorts to kidnapping to try to get what he wants. That’s just not nice at all.

Then you have Brent in “Open The Heart”. He leaves Lacey at the altar and then tries to guilt her back. But he soon finds out that true love wins in the end.

Here are three traits that make a bad character:

1: Jealousy – It gets them everytime. Jealousy can cause a character to take drastic measures and make bad decisions.

2: Obsession – Sometimes an obsessed character can do some nasty things to get what they want and usually their wants are not the same wants as the one they’re obsessed about.

3: Evil – Now evil can really make a bad character. They will stop at nothing, even murder to get what they want.

Sometimes the bad characters have fans too. It’s amazing how some people only remember the bad characters in a book. Some of my fans write to me and ask how some of these nasty characters were started. Were they based on people I know? But usually the good ones are based on people I know, not the bad ones. 

So as you write your characters, try to put in a couple of bad ones. It makes for an interesting read and can enhance a romance as they try to break it up. Some bad characters can even turn good. Wouldn’t that make a good twist?

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Here’s some links to the books that have some nasty characters:


Loss of Technology leads to MELTDOWN!

Well the things that nightmares are made of happened to me on Thursday afternoon. It started with a simple request from my phone provider which also handles my internet service and fax line. They wanted to help lower my bill so they convinced me to combine my lines assuring me that I would only be down for a couple of hours. Well…

Being an accountant and writer I depend on my internet to keep up to date in my business. I am currently having to take online courses to keep up to date with the IRS. Also to keep up with my cyber friends. So my internet is a necessity.

Well you can imagine when the deadline for my services to be restored came and went I started to panic slightly. Three hours later my panic was rising to stressful levels. I asked my husband five hours into the “Black Out” as I labeled it, when had I let technology start ruling my life. He laughed and said it had been a while. He told me to take a warm bath and work on my book. I could not even face my laptop.

Upon waking yesterday, or I might as well say just getting up from no sleep, I crossed my fingers and turned on my laptop. Well, the little icon was still red and my DSL light was blinking a demon eye red. It watched me and winked at me for five hours. I started to sweat and have withdrawals. I could not eat, I could not sleep. It was terrible. I was slipping into a frenzied insanity.

After four different associates and four terrible hours on hold off and on, I got results. The lady said the words that made my heart sing “Hallelujah”, they were “your service will be back to full status by end of business day”. My stomach growled and said “now you can eat”. I took my son out to lunch and came back to a solid green light. The demon was gone from my desk and I took a cleansing breath.

It was like a awakening as I opened my browser and was able to connect. My fax line went crazy from client fax back up and business was back to “normal” or as normal as it can get. So that was my 24 hour meltdown without technology. I don’t want to go through that again. I was back to writing last night. Sad how technology takes over your life. You don’t know how bad a case of technological obsession you have until you have to go 24 hours without it. Have a great day fellow bloggers!