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Monday morning! Weekend way too Short!

Well it is official. The weekend is over. It was a pretty productive weekend, which is good when you

multitask as I do. I started working on yet another novel, which makes four I am currently working on.

I took my son fishing and had a very productive Children’s Ministry class yesterday. All in All it was a

good weekend.

Of course being an Accountant, Monday’s are always crazy. My clients are in withdrawals from no contact

over the weekend. Hopefully will get in some writing today. The new story is in the front of my mind. Oh, the mind

of a writer. It goes way too deep sometimes. I feel like the stories are running around fighting for front of the line.

Hopefully today I will be able to put at least one in front.

Well for those starting out your day at work, have another cup of coffee. I have already had two and need another.

Take a deep breath and start your day with a prayer and a smile…