Sunday Afternoon Coffee & Writing…

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It’s turned into a beautiful day in Georgia, but my writing calls to me. As I sit here with a cup of coffee and my laptop, I’m in my happy place. Dinner is in the oven (roasted chicken with collard greens). I’m a southern girl, what can I say.

My current project is taking me to another realm of writing. I’m enjoying the nuances of these new characters. Both main characters have their own dark places and it’s fun seeing their developing characteristics. And it’s about to take a turn, driving them deeper into their dark feelings, but the fun part is, will they be able to stay above ground. The facts are somewhat skewed and up until the end, you won’t know who’s the bad guy or the good guy. It’s a team this or that, but I’ll let the readers figure that out.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

When life gives you lemons…

As you can tell from the title it’s been a tough week. I’ve been battling a cold or sinus or crud, whatever you want to call it. Since it’s tax season I’ve been working a lot of hours through the fog. 

Of course as it usually goes, life goes on even when you’re sick. My son started football training for tryouts in May. My husband and I have always supported him in whatever he wanted to do. He played baseball for about five years and always wanted to play football. He’s on the 4-H Shotgun team and does really good with that. He loves anything outdoors. Football scares me due to the injuries that can occur, but I know I have to let him do things. 

Well as you know I’m a Children’s Minister. Last night I’d prepared for the kids to watch a Bible DVD cartoon since I wasn’t feeling well. Since the teacher of the preschoolers didn’t show up I had all the children. Well as I tried to turn the projector on I soon realized something was wrong. I spent a few frustrating minutes trying to get the projector to connect to the laptop, but to no avail. I then moved the children to one of the rooms that has a large screen television and dvd player.

As I watched the children sit and watch the film I realized how lucky I am. I’m given such a wonderful chance to make a difference in the lives of these children. I smiled to myself and thanked God for the opportunity I’ve been given.

That’s the attitude I decided to adopt with my son on the football thing. He was so excited and I don’t want to dampen his fun by being overprotective. I’ll just be watchful 🙂 

So when life gives you lemons, smile and enjoy every sour bite.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…Image