Great News! Read on!

Well, I can’t contain myself. I have just found out that I made it to the 2nd round in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest. I am so stoked right now. I entered my romance novel “A Love Never Lost”. 

I have squealed and laughed and jumped up and down. Then I realized that if a client came in they would think I’d totally lost it. Then I said I don’t care so I started back. My cheeks hurt from smiling. I know it’s only the second round but that’s huge for me. I thanked God for being with me during the wait. It’s been intense. Now having to wait until March 12th for next results. Fingers Crossed.


Good Writing and May God Bless You!!!

Losing a character…

I wonder sometimes why I write when I’m tired. I sit and stare at the screen and totally draw a blank. Sometimes I’m sitting in my accounting office and get the urge to write a paragraph or two but have no time. I quickly jot down the idea and go back to work.

Have you ever forgot your main characters name? Did you wonder why? While working on my latest manuscript I noticed something wrong when I started editing. I had to laugh because it was so ridiculous. Or was it? I had a child named Chance, which was to be after the father, but somewhere in the middle I started typing Chase and it stuck. Boy that was a fun edit. I could have did a find all entries for Chase and replace, but I learned a really hard lesson about hitting that replace all button. 😦

I have started putting a legal pad beside me when I write. As I introduce new characters I write down a short bio on that character and keep it beside me. That way I don’t spend half my precious writing time looking back for a characters name, hair color, or age.

My editor laughed while reading one of my manuscripts. She said ‘I thought your main character had blonde hair’. She smiled and made a note to change that entry. I just groaned and watched her grin. She knows me well. 

I have a horror of missing one of these details in my final read through. What if I publish a piece with a critical character flaw? Oh well, I guess that’s why I have an editor to look after me. I definitely need it. 🙂 If you’ve encountered this problem, try the legal pad bio system. So far it’s worked for me. ◊

As always, good writing and May God Bless.