Sad it’s coming to an end!

Ok, fellow authors, tell me the truth, do you have withdrawals when you finish writing your book? I am having serious withdrawals which is funny because I have been pushing myself to get it finished. Funny how it works in the scheme of things.

I was finishing up my last little bit of editing last night and I suddenly felt sad that the saga had come to an end. I just think I have been working too hard and too many hours on it. Maybe that’s it. I was going to take a week break from writing, but the other books in play keep poking me in the head saying, “You know you have to work on me.” So, the writing goes on.

Well, that is my rant for the day!

2 thoughts on “Sad it’s coming to an end!

  1. Yep, felt the same when I completed the story “Ordinary girl…” but then again, it was the first time ever I’d written something and someone (lots of someone) had read it and liked it. I wrote an epilogue and felt really sad for days afterwards, until readers demanded me to write some more and not finish it that way. I’ve still not got around to thinking more on it and writing more of it. Maybe later?

    1. Thanks. It is being published today and I am so excited. I am finally on a publishing day high, so that has helped with the feeling of loss. Good luck with your writing. Keep me updated.

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