Back to School! Are you kidding?

Yep, you heard it right. I started some tax courses last night. Our wonderful Internal Revenue Service in their infinite wisdom has decided that we tax preparers and Accountants don’t have enough to do. I understand the need for furthering your education, that’s not the issue.

The thing that gripes me is that not only do we have to be tested to see if we can continue to do our job, but now we’re required by the end of the year to have 15 credit hours of schooling. I’ve always kept up my education, but this is going beyond. I know they are trying to get out the shady characters that call themselves tax preparers but most have not set a foot in a classroom, much less a tax forum, but this has gone a little over board.

The funny thing is we now have to pay for the privilege to do what we went to college and paid high dollars to learn how to do. We have to pay to get a number to practice under the IRS and we also have to pay to take high dollar classes and now the required testing that was not supposed to cost much has not gone up. What next?

Well, I started going over the study courses last night. I realized I’m out of study practice. Hand me a real world scenario any day, but some of the garbage they’re handing out is purely laughable. Oh well, guess the writing will be put to a minimum until I finish all 8 courses, yes 8! Not to mention the quizzes and final exams for each. Like my life was not busy enough.

Oh well, I’ll get off my soapbox and get to work, since I now have less time in the day. Hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday and May God always bless you in all you do!


3 thoughts on “Back to School! Are you kidding?

  1. It’s not great over here either as a registered book-keeper we have to register under the money laundering act and pay for the privilidge, attend courses/ meetings, have risk assessment files updated every year on all our clients. Many of us are supervised by a regulated body for this and became disillusioned. We went down all the correct routes to change who oversaw us. I have 3 clients; 2 are family and 1 I just data input for and they are all farmers. My request to change supervisors and still remain registered (I’m sure anyone dodgy wouldn’t bother to register!) caused an inspection by someone so high up in the system that they used to work for the criminal squad! I was threatened with prison if my files on my clients weren’t done correctly. It was so over the top it was unbelievable. I made sure the paperwork on my clients was So correct it embarressed the man.
    Soap box over!

    1. It’s gotten to where the honest person doing the honest work pays for the dishonest. Those that run their business all willy nilly just mess up the honest ones. Glad to hear you put the man on his ears. I love when we can show them that we are not out for bad. Good luck in it.

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