Series or finish in one?

When you’re writing the book and the story just keeps going and going, so you finish the story or do you make it into a series? Series can be a continuation of the same storyline with the same characters, they can be a continuation of characters that in the first book were in the background, or it can be just a continuation of the same type of story but entirely different story. What will it be?

For me a couple of my books have stood alone completely. I knew and felt good with ending them at the words The End. But some of my stories needed more. Some were supposed to be stand alone but the characters just pulled at me to be more. In my latest book, Open The Heart, I originally planned on it being alone. As I delved into the story around 3/4 of the way in I knew it had more to tell. You may be saying why not just go ahead and make it a mega novel with 50,000 or more words, but in some instances it’s good to just end on a cliff hanger, leaving the reader wanting more. 

In Victoria I knew at the start that it would be a Saga. I knew as I was writing the first chapter how it would end and I built it up to that major cliff hanger which of course has garnered lots of readers writing to me stating that they were hanging on pins and needles. I just smile and know I did the right thing. It’s had several asking when the next book could be expected. What’s funny is they always ask what happens? I can’t tell you until the next book comes out is always my response.

So, what will you next book be? It’s sometimes a hard question. Does your story line have the stamina to carry on for several books? Does your general premise for the book have series quality? Well, let me know how you figure it out.

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…


4 thoughts on “Series or finish in one?

  1. Great post Stephanie! I’m for mega novels. I like stories that go deep and branch into new ones, background characters who decide to go their own path. Novels with rock solid base usually go into series, I think, the plot and characters going too complex to keep them in one. I try to craft my books on that principle.

    1. Great principle you use. I love a series of books that continue the story or type of story. Then I sit on pins and needles waiting for the next installment. It definitely keeps the reader involved if the ending is catchy.

  2. The Stars Trilogy was originally going to stand alone as one book, but because the first book was so massive (now its a sequel), I knew I had to have a trilogy. Things were just to complex to relegate them to one book. Plus, with one book alone I couldn’t fully develop the world, so I knew that with ensuing books, the world development had to continue.

    However, I have three ideas for books that I know will work well as standalones.

    1. Exactly. Some of my readers complain about series, but they still buy the next book to see what happens. Some books just need to be stand alone and you as the writer know when that’s the case. Thanks for the great reply.

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