What’s your goal?

A goal is something that we strive to get to. Maybe it’s a financial goal where you want to pay off a bill. Maybe it’s a raise on your job. As a writer most of us want to write full time. Is that your goal? Do you know how to achieve it?

As for me that would be nice, but I still work full time in my accounting office. Some writers go into writing expecting instant gratification. Well, I’m sorry to tell you it doesn’t work that way most of the time. Now don’t get me wrong, some authors have actually made it pretty big in a short time, but it’s not always the case. Some writers I’ve talked to said it was years before they made enough to even think about quitting their full time job.

One thing I’ve noticed with my writing is that patience is a virtue. Well it may be a virtue but sometimes it’s frustrating waiting on that sale to come through. One big author that I’ve always looked up to and read everything she published messaged me one day. Which for me that was a success in it’s self. She told me to keep up the good work and not to worry about sales that they would come. Her advice was to get out several books and make sure my name was out there. She said it took over two years for her to really see a big up flow of sales. This totally took me by surprise. In my mind I figured she was living the good life, but as she stated, she’s doing well now but it wasn’t always that case. I left the conversation feeling lots better.

I’ve turned out 11 books and have several in the works. As I studied my sales over the last year and a half, I see a trend. And you know, she was right. The more books I have published the more they sale. It’s strange how it works, but I guess a reader picks up a book by an author and if they like the authors style they pick up more of their books. It also helps to have several series going so that the reader is in wanting of the rest of the story.

Don’t forget that as in any business you have to keep up with expenses and royalties. Some authors don’t think about this until it’s too late. Every website expense, writing program, notebook, computer, advertising expense and postage to send books out are expenses to keep up with. Make sure you start a business plan as soon as possible so that this part of your writing life is not swamped with needless stress.

Enjoy your writing and the sales will come. Write what’s in your heart and make it the best you can. Give it the tender loving care it deserves by editing, editing and editing some more. Make the cover a dreamy concoction of what the story means to you. As a writer usually you have in your mind how you want it to look. Then tell everyone about it. Do a social media blitz and show the passion you have for the story. It will be contagious and soon people will catch the passion.

Don’t get discouraged. You’re a writer. It’s an awesome thing and you now have the ability to touch the lives of many, many people. 

As always, good writing and may God Bless You…


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