What’s your favorite romance genre?

Have you noticed the many varied genre’s in romance books lately? You can pretty much find a romance novel or novella that is about anything you want. Some of the categories are a little scary and some just go beyond your imagination or my imagination. 

In writing romance I go with things I love or I’m passionate about. Some romance writers lean more toward the mystery genre, some toward the erotic genre and others toward the suspenseful. Most of my writing as you know lean heavily in the cowboy romance side of it, a couple of them are Christian romance and one that’s coming out soon is a Time Travel but of course it has a cowboy 😉

Did you ever start searching for a book and had to look up a genre because you had no idea what it was? I’m raising my hand because I’ve had several that needed some investigation.I wasn’t sure what they were about. Of course some of those I have to look up I really wish I hadn’t even went there. But that’s just me.

So, everybody should be able to find a romance that fits their style. The possibilities are endless if you search, but beware of what you search for. You might find something that gives you nightmares or in the very least the shivers. 

What genre do you love the most?

As always, good writing and May God Bless You…

Check out my new Christian Romance “Faith Through The Tears” the 2nd installment in the Lean On Him series.




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